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How to delete a press release?

To delete a press release -

  1. Go to press release management page.
  2. Select the press release you want to delete.
  3. Click on the "Delete" button.

IMPORTANT - Search engines and other websites may keep on sending visitors to the deleted press release, but visitors will see "press release not found" error page. You'll also loose backlinks gained so far for that particular press release. So, you should delete only if really required to do so.

Please note that the "press release deletion" has to be done from within your account for security reasons and we won't be able to process email requests. If the press release was submitted by somebody else, then you must contact them directly or by clicking on the contact details in the press release.

For a small fee, we can perform research on your behalf, request any permissions if required and delete the press release from our site only. The cost of this service is USD 10.

Another option is to provide us a court order that mandates that the press release be deleted. The cost of this service is also USD 10.

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