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What does your pots do for YOU?

So you think your pots are safe... As I was doing research about this very interesting subject, I was thinking of the days in Eden when we were eating fruit from the trees and veggies from the earth and it came to me that we never had to wonder ..

PRLog - June 16, 2010 - ALL OVER JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- So you think your pots are safe...

As I was doing research about this very interesting subject, I was thinking of the days in Eden when we were eating fruit from the trees and veggies from the earth and it came to me that we never had to wonder about our food.  I don’t think they ever thought about the dangers of cooking.  Since it was raw it was natural and all the nutrience went into their bodies and didn’t get lost in the cooking process.  It made me think about Daniel when they were taken to Babylon and they lived on raw fruit and veggies for two week.  They were healthier than the other people.

The problem is that we can’t always eat our food raw.  Cooking our food also brings out the flavour of our food and with added spices and herbs it also makes it tastier.
Studies in recent year are showing that we are poising our bodies with iron and aluminium throw our cooking pots.  It is true that only a small amount is being set free when we cook, but even the smallest amount is not good for us.  Stainless steel is considered a safe option by some, but it’s made by bonding layers of stainless steel with aluminium, which, with use, can also leach into food.  I would not recommend aluminium pans for cooking if you want to enjoy your golden years. Aluminium is a causal factor suspect in Alzheimer's disease (AD).
In my experience, people dread Alzheimer's disease more than cancer and heart disease, for good reason.
Aluminium is a "reactive" metal, meaning that it reacts with salty or acidic foods to release itself into your food. Dietary sources of aluminium include cookware, containers, foil, and utensils. You can also face exposure to aluminium when the non-stick surface chips off a coated aluminium pan. Generally, glass, Pyrex, ceramic and ceramic-coated cast iron materials are all considered much safer alternatives to non-stick coated pots and pans. Cast iron cookware is a good alternative, as it is cheap, heats evenly and adds iron to the diet.  Too much iron can make you very ill and the higher the temperature the higher the risk.  The CASA has been warning us for year about the effect of heating food in plastic containers in the microwave.  All our instant food comes in plastic and it is so easy just to heat it in the plastic container.  Not knowing that the plastic is poisoning our food.  So we cook at home.
The most popular cookware to buy these days is non stick.  I don’t know if you have ever seen when they spray it on the cookware.  You will notice that they wear masks, because it is poisons.  So what makes you think that using a non stick pot is good for you?  O.K. I now, where is the proof?  I finally found proof. Just take a look at this chart of a recent 2009 Heavy Metals Leaching Test performed on common types of cookware you probably use every day.

   Aluminium   Cobalt   Chrome   Iron   Nickel   Leaching?
Aluminium Tea Kettle   6.70   *   *   *   *   Yes
Stainless Steel Tea Kettle   *   *   *   1.27   *   Yes
Speckled Metal Bake ware   35.40   2.67   .23   1.48   19.30   Yes**
Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet   *   *   2.08   2,817.00   *   Yes
Non-Stick Anodized Aluminium 5.5 qt   7.10   *   *   *   *   Yes
Anodized Aluminium 1qt   *   *   *   *   3.28   Yes
Ceramic Non-Stick Aluminium Skillet   1.40   *   *   .95   *   Yes
Non-Stick Glass Bake ware   *   *   *   4.31   *   Yes

And to make in even worse the higher the temperature the more danger you put yourself in.  Non-stick cookware contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a synthetic chemical used in production that creates a soap-like slipperiness and non-stick finish.
Once heated, non-stick pans will quickly reach temperatures at which toxic fumes release into the air. And it doesn't take much heat to do this -- the coating begins to break down and release toxins at a temperature of only 230° C.  There are at least six toxins that get release when heated.  The fumes can sicken people, a condition called “polymer fume fever”.  A further  problem is that when the surface gets scratched, tiny amounts of inert plastic and leached aluminium cling to cooked food, with far more toxic results than an extra spoonful of cooking oil.  
PFOA can poison the brain, prostate, liver, thymus, and kidneys.  PFOA can be linked to tumours in at least four different organs.  
Copper is an alternative that provides even heat distribution. However, I recommend that it never has direct contact with your food.
When you use copper as your cooking surface, it can leach out in excessive amounts. If enough leaching occurs, you could potentially experience digestive discomforts.*
Therefore, most copper pans come lined with other metals, creating the same concerns noted above. And copper pans are also extremely costly.

So what is safe?

Wow! I don’t know about you, but this is scary as hell.  That must be why people are moving back to clay pots and in specific Argilla Pottery for Argilla S.A. (www.argillasa.net )
So what are the health benefits of cooking with clay?  But before we go to the benefits, let s have a look at how clay was discovered.
Clay is a healthier option to cook because it’s made from a natural product the minerals that are in the clay goes into your food, making it tastier and healthier for us.  Glazed earthenware such as Argilla (www.argillasa.net ) should never be placed in the heat while empty, and Argilla should be placed in a cold oven, then brought up to 180⁰C (in stages if it is a gas oven).
Advantages of Using Argilla

•   Food cooks with a minimum of liquid and no additional fat.
•   Food browns in Argilla, even with the lid on.
•   More of the essential nutrients and vitamins are retained in foods cooked in Argilla pots because food cooks in a closed environment with limited liquids.
•   As long as you don’t overfill the cooker, your oven will remain clean.
•   Argilla may be used in the microwave very successfully.  It is best to use lower power settings.
•   Food can be kept warm by leaving the lid on the Argilla Pot after removing it from the oven without overcooking.
•   You only use one pot for the whole meal.
•   Argilla has a glaze which makes for easier cleaning.  There are oval and round bakers, pie plates and casseroles and these are useful for recipes that do not benefit from the super steaming quality.  Try cooking dishes like lasagna and other pastas, casseroles and baked goods.  These are lovely for use as serving pieces and come in mocha and sandstone.

Cooking in with Argilla is becoming very popular, especially in todays live where people are becoming more health concuss.  And it isn’t just the health benefits that are causing people to use Argilla; it is also the fact that they have more time to spend with their families since they don’t have to stand in front of a stove cooking.

Almost any recipe can be adapted for Argilla cooking.
Clay is a natural product so is perfectly safe to use.
The disadvantage is the longer cooking time (1 hour) but the exquisitely tasting food, will soon has you forget about this minor setback, and the extra time that you have with your family will make it in a plus very soon.
Remember to avoid exposing the pot to sudden extremes of temperature. A hot Argilla pot in sudden contact with cold water or a cold worktop or a cold pot with hot water could cause it to crack. For the same reason, they're not recommended for freezing.
Looked after, there's absolutely no reason why your Argilla pot shouldn't give decades of satisfactory and enjoyable service.  Do yourself a favour and visit my site at http://www.argillasa.net and see how affordable it is to cook in clay, not to mention the recipes and other goodies that are on there.  Just to show you how easy it is I am going to show you the ease of working with Argilla.

For more great Vegan Dishes, visit my website at www.argillasa.net .

So ... now you have no excuse not to visit www.argillasa.net and http://www.argillasa.net/cooking_with_argilla and starting a healthier eating plan.  This might just change your life forever.......

# # #

We supply hand made clay pots. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family. Meat are tender and veggies are firm and retain their nutrience ...

--- End ---

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