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Why should I create a business profile or pressroom on PRLog?

Here are some of the reasons ...
  • Greater Exposure
    • Free listing in PRLog business directory.
    • Company information and press releases easily available to journalists at one place.
    • Visitors can subscribe to a news feed just for your business right from your business profile.
    • You can use HTML & CSS to personalize the showcase page.
    • Optionally auto feed your press releases to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.
    • Links to your profiles on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

  • Higher Efficiency
    • Also works like a template. No need to fill common fields for every new press release.
    • Use other PRLog services using the same profile.
    • Have multiple profiles in a single account if you represent more than one company.

  • More ...
    • Free and advertisement free.
    • Seemlessly and easily integrate embeddable version of pressroom in your website with a single line of HTML code.
    • Allow filtering of just your press releases by industry and/or topic.
    • Satisfies latest push by search engines for authorship info.
    • More than 100K existing business profiles and increasing.
    • See existing business profiles (Opens in new window)

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