Chance For President Vows To Defund The Permanent Political Class

Chance Trahan Takes A Firm Stance Against The Politically Controlled Satanic Socialists Of Hollywood
LOS ANGELES - June 4, 2020 - PRLog -- As if taking on the Permanent Political Class of Washington DC wasn't already hard enough, Chance Trahan has also taken a firm stance against the politically controlled satanic socialists of Hollywood. And even though they try hard to ignore him, they don't stand a chance against his bold statements and viewpoints.

"None of them want to debate me," Chance Trahan says of the Permanent Political Class and the satanic socialists of Hollywood. He continues, "These cowards just want to carry on ignoring me and pretending as if the revolution I've started doesn't exist."

Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate, Chance Trahan, has started a culturally moving revolution by calling on African-Americans to help take back ownership of the United States, and to the Permanent Political Class's surprise, it's working.

"I started an African-American backed revolution and this doesn't sit very well with the Permanent Political Class. They'd rather conquer the progress and start race wars to divide us, and spread hate wherever possible, all while simultaneously preach  about love and acceptance. And they don't do this with the use of just one single person, but with a conglomerate of desperate individuals, or folks they consider influencers. I've seen them mobilizing people like Ice Cube, Alyssa Milano, Joe Biden, Cardi B, Justin Timberlake, and Patton Oswalt. This list of cowards goes on and on," Chance says.

Trahan has built himself enough fame to be well known throughout Hollywood, Phoenix and Las Vegas by way of his renowned acting skills, musical talents, and numerous public appearances over the years. However, the Permanent Political Class has made several attempts at shutting down any formal recognition for his accomplishments with extreme bias and utter hatred towards him.

The Presidential hopeful elaborates, "This whole anti-Chance campaign started with MySpace, moved on to several online smear campaigns, or destroying relationships I've built by stalking and harassing individuals about me that are closest to me. This has even stemmed into viciously controlling or deleting any and all Wikipedia articles written about me. They don't want you to know that I even exist, or want to control the narrative, and you've got to wonder why. Is this because I'm destroying their entire satanic child trafficking underworld that the Political parties have worked so hard to build?"

With everyone so hungry for the ultimate truth that will truly free them, and so driven to expose the child trafficking rings of the Permanent Political Class, this seems like a battle of the ages that's been coming for quite some time. Which side will you be on when everything finally goes down in Primary Election town this November?

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