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How Often To Send Out Press Releases?

We recommend that you should send out a press release at least once a month, but no more than once a week. You have to balance between making the media aware that your company exists, but not make them think that you are spamming.

Another factor is search engines. A free press release service with no limits will be quickly overwhelmed with spam, and search engines will consider such a website spammy. Search engines have now started considering websites getting links from spammy websites as spammy too, resulting in drop in rankings.

If you are a big organization and/or have a lot of news that is of interest to the media/publication that you are trying to reach, then you can get away with more frequent press releases.

Here are a few ideas regarding when to send a press release-
  • New product or service launch
  • Major changes in existing product or service
  • New award received
  • Merger
  • Joint Venture
  • Major Contract
  • C-Level Appointment
  • Major Events - News Conference, Charity Event, etc
  • Stock Split
  • Quarterly Financial Results
  • 20 or more job vacancies or new hires in a single announcement
  • New major client in your industry (Not more than once a month)

Note - Please submit press releases judiciously, and remember-
Quality is more important than Quantity

If you are a large non-profit, educational or government organization and want us to increase your free submission limits -
  1. Please make sure 10 most recent press releases in your account are high quality news releases and meet submission guidelines at
  2. Contact us to review your account at with following info-
    • Your account email id
    • Approximate date & time when you hit the limit
    • Exact error message

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