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What to do if account email not received?

Here's what you can do ...
  • Whitelist - Add to the whitelist or safe senders list of your email program or website.

  • Junk Mail Filter - Email programs and websites can easily mistake important messages for junk mail and automatically put them in your junk folder. Please check your bulk, spam or junk folder for the email. If you still can't find the email, whitelist PRLog as mentioned above.

  • Wrong Email ID - The email address you entered when creating your PRLog account may have a typing error. You can update your email address by logging into your PRLog account and clicking on the "My Account" link towards the top of the page.

  • Mailbox Full - Your mailbox may be full causing the email to be bounced. Too see if you have any bounced emails, click here.

  • Inactive Email Address - If you haven't used your email account for a while, your email service provider may mark your account as inactive and stop accepting emails. You may have to login into your email account to make it active again.

  • Website or Email Server Down - Sometimes, even this is the case. Please make sure that you can actually receive email.

Once you've taken the corrective actions above, you can resend the email by logging into your PRLog account and clicking on the "Send Verification Email" button.

Note - If you contact us, don't forget to provide an alternate email address, preferably from a different service provider. For example, if you are having issues with your, then you should provide a gmail or yahoo email address so that we can contact you back.

Note - If you verify the email address on a device or browser other than you are working on now, then you'll have to logout and re-login on the current device or browser for the current session to recognize that your email has been verified.

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