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By WealthTrust-Arizona
WealthTrust-Arizona, a financial planning firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers the following advice about how the Fed's tapering of quantitative easing measures may affect your bond portfolio.
By ACG Panama
The Euro Zone recession and quantitative easing programs could dampen currency traders’ appetite for Euros in 2013. ACG comments on the differences on economic cycles between Europe and the United States.
By Springer Financial Advisors
Keith Springer discusses what to expect from the President’s speech on jobs live at the MarketWatch studio in Washington, DC.
By Springer Financial Advisors
In Futures article, Gold plays role of fear barometer, Keith Springer discusses what effects gold prices have on investors.
By Springer Financial Advisors
In AdvisorOne, Financial News and Analysis for Investors, Keith Springer discusses reactions to the Fed’s announcement at Jackson Hole and what it means for investors.
By George Leong
Stocks are heading lower, the charts look ominous. While many of you may be looking to buy stocks right now, make sure you don't get pulled in by a sucker's rally.
Key "take-away" from Asia trip is how clear it is issues that matter to US - & discourse in which those concerns are expressed - differ so radically from rest of the world.
By Stephan Tavernini
Preferred Financial Services analyzes what impacts are of the latest round of quantitative easing enacted by the Federal Reserve.
By Ryan Holman
The Federal Reserve meeting on November 3, 2010 has led to the announcing of the release of The Fall of America and The Western World, a 9 disc, 8 hour DVD documentary to assist in protecting against potential financial collapse of the United States.
By Shalom Patrick Hamou
Conventional or non Conventional Monetary policy can't work. It is easy to understand. The purpose of monetary policy is to increase investment. The problem we have now is precisely that there are too many idle investments for the prevalent demand.
By Shalom P. Hamou
For us, economists, holidays and festivals are a good way to coordinate the economic activities of those who do celebrate them or not. For example Xmas for Christians, Passover for the Jews, Ramadan for the Muslims or Kanya Daan for Hindus,
By Shalom P. Hamou
The Market Crash being a switch from a period of Irrational Exuberance to a period of Deep Depression I draw a parallel between a collective bipolar disorder in order to predict the occurrence of a Market Crash,.
By Shalom P. Hamou
Since August 24th the yield curve is subject to a twist from a low undervalued configuration to a normal configuration. I recommended to sell all long term-assets since Oct 8th. Now I am showing them how they can profit from that forecasted crash.
By Shalom P. Hamou
Since August 25 the Federal Reserve System has changed its strategy moving away from Quantitative Easing to Quantitative Tightening in order to get investors run after the increasing yields and arm twist them into making investment decision now.
By Shalom P. Hamou
Long-term yields, viewed as options, have been undervalued for an extended period of time. Now the arbitrage has started and it will reach its fair value very quickly. This article brings evidences of the fact that this Twist is in the making.
By Shalom P. Hamou
The Hindenburg Omen has been a buzz on Wall Street since it occurred on August 12th, 2010. My purpose is twofold: to explain what it means in for decision making and to put that in perspective introducing another data: the shape of the yield curve.
By Shalom P. Hamou
All the Market Crashes have been the result of the yield curve suddenly returning from undervalued to normal. This accounts for a discontinuity in stock market value. The cure is to lower short term rate, this time it will be, of course, impossible.
By Shalom P. Hamou
I want here to show that the speech of Ben S. Bernanke in Jackson Hole on Friday will have a formidable effect on credit markets, debt instruments and specially on junk bonds. The most important paper I ever wrote since "La Bonde du Jacuzzi."
By Shalom P. Hamou
People are getting nervous about a double dip and further steps of monetary stimulus. I am explaining here the consequences of the bottom of the yields on long dated treasuries for Quantitative Easing and why it is signals its inefficiency.
By Bret Rosenthal
The Fed Will Not Reduce Liquidity at This Time. Today, I will reiterate and state: Quantitative Easing will not and cannot end at this time.
By Shalom P. Hamou
Open letter to Chairman Ben S. Bernanke announcing that the right monetary or fiscal policy, including the barbaric Quantitative Easing, will not get us out of the Depression. We propose him our short run solution.

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