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It’s election time in the United States! Students want to understand the political process. Tucson Jo is a great way to open the discussion.
By Oakland University
Todd Shackelford's textbook introduces insights into how even a value system such as morality has evolved through natural selection.
By Think Virtues
Think Virtues™ mission is to cultivate virtues within children and generations to come. It is a new, secular approach to developing good behavior that integrates well with the values of Catholicism.
By Strategic Book Group
Actions Speak Louder Than Words When Public Officials Are ‘Exposing Themselves’
By Acts of the Word Productions, Inc.
“Moral Dilemma” Show Now in National Syndication; Show Features Super-Villain Characters Modeled After Seven Deadly Sins
By College of Mental Health Counseling
The Philosophers' Cafe Victoria has published a handout for identifying major philosophical assumptions. This true or false self-assessment can be used to help stimulate respectful discussion and debate.
By Temple Tower Society
The Temple Tower Society has fashioned innovative services that help the mind recall clarity, offering a mixture of ancient as well as modern art-sciences known to reveal absolute truths and harmonize the mind, body and spirit.
By Raider Publishing International
Raider Publishing International presents Butchi by Seyoum Haddis.
By Acts of the Word Productions / The Moral Dilemma
The Moral Dilemma Will Use Fictional Characters & Real-Life "Newsmakers" To Tackle Today’s Most Difficult Topics
By A3 Society
What if Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Ayn Rand and Abraham Maslow got a chance to get together and JOINTLY revise their theories using new data? Two new novels make the attempt.
By newsusa
As the debt talks prolong without real results, Americans are growing increasingly disenchanted with the government. Some think a return to fundamental American values is the answer.
By A3 Society
Based on a new model of morality developed from a new understanding of the human brain and human psychology, a new social structure is presented as the next step beyond our current form of democracy.
By A3 Society
Conflicting traits of two human species coexisting today explain many irrational human behaviors. Major characteristics of the species along with their evolutionary roots and social impact are described in a new novel by Bruce Nappi.
By The A3 Society
The concept of protecting civilians during war is recent. It is driven by fear; something called “bleeding heart emotionalism”. Irrational people believe, when they hear civilian in the media, they're safe. Its just one more modern political lie.
By GrinVilla
In less than 24 hours, 200 people read a short and powerfull blog posted only once on Facebook by a small town photographer comments seeped through the social site about the inappropriate behaviour of so called photographers exploiting young women.
The current form of democracy implemented in western society has reached its limits. A new technology enabled model for democracy is described which fully addresses individual freedom.
Based on a new model of morality developed from a new understanding of the human brain and human psychology, a new social structure is presented as the next step beyond our current form of democracy.
By A3 Society
Using new models of the human brain and human consciousness, it should now be possible to program the equivalent of human consciousness in computers - a point in time known as the Singularity.
By The A3 Society
Einstein created the Theory of Relativity, not to show the speed of light was constant, but how bizarre physics would be if it was. Teaching Relativity as truth misses its purpose
By The A3 Society
Statements by “experts” from major social institutions like politics, law, education, finance and medicine are filled with pervasive lies due to basic flaws in human psychology and society’s founding principles.
By God's Embrace Publishing
New Book by Holland (MI) Business Executive Helps to Reshape the Future of Business Behavior "Defying the Trend: Business Ethics and Corporate Morality" argues that unwavering ethical behavior is the engine of sustained success and profitability.
By Wayne Edward Clarke Publishing
A Canadian author has originated a set of solutions to global problems that are realistic, self-consistent, and comprehensive. All major issues are dealt with, including poverty and the environment.
By Born Again Publishing, Inc.
Prince of Sumba, Husband to Many Wives - Where the polygamists are not villains and the missionary is anything but predictable.
By Lauren P. Raysor
Attorney Lauren P. Raysor announced that she is asking all record companies to include a “morality clause” in their contracts with new artists.
A month after the second anniversary of the shooting of her client, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, by rap and hip-hop artist Remy Ma, attorney Lauren P. Raysor is asking record companies to include a morality clause in their contracts with new artists.
By Charles S. Weinblatt
"Jacob's Courage" author, Charles S. Weinblatt, was interviewed by Jewish Literary Review. Jacob's Courage is a tender coming of age love story.
By The Maximus Group
Dave Durand’s Win the World Without Losing Your Soul is a vital resource for those aspiring to long-term success over short-term gratification whether they be mortgage lenders, US Congressmen or state Governors, students or teachers, or parents.
By Libros Internationa;
Poisoned Petals, short stories with a Spanish flavour, is published by Libros International. Author Andy Crabb writes about contemporary Spain from an expatriate point of view.
By is a new online community to talk about religion, philosophy, God, morality, and related topics. People of all religious views are welcome and encouraged to join.

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