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By Look Like A Star Public Relations
Company debut's Tha Daily Spin-Indie Music Showcase for emerging Urban musicians & Artists.
By Clarklw Pci
Independent Artist Trackbuzzer Music Business is a revolutionary digital marketing and promotions company.
By Farrahlm Vio
My-space has become a dirty word lately thanks to many investigatory reports into the dark underbelly of the popular site.
By David Arp
There is quite a fascination with eavesdropping. Most people get a little thrill off of hearing what others are talking about.
By Jacquesl Loiy
Music business is a funny thing. Not really Twilight Zone weird-funny, but somewhere in the middle.
By Jerry Reyes
Music Business - While the future holds the promise of total convergence of media and delivery systems, most adult webmasters are still playing catch up with industry leaders like Vivid...
By Rich Coleman
When a new major label album is dropping it is hard to not know about music business. The independent artist makes the TV late night circuit, record stores are plastered with posters for promoting the CD...
By Josh Coe
Get a Record Deal - You do not have to have read the preceding five articles in this series, what is a Working Band to Do? In order to benefit from read this.
By Noemi Goebel
It is going to take a lot longer in the real world to get your PMCD (Pre-Mastered CD) done to Redbook audio specs (44.1 kHz, 16-bit) than it took to read about it in this series of articles.
By Ashly Guercio
Music promotion is guerilla warfare; launching unorthodox attacks upon an unsuspecting listening audience. Doing whatever is necessary to get noticed.
By Wendy Brooks
To the music industry and the RIAA, Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is essential; the software protects artists and their copyrights from piracy.
By Sandra Fuller
Music lovers, music enthusiasts and music players have one common thing that makes them different from other artists—their interest in music.
By Karen Venters
I was going to liken the struggle of making it in the music business to a game of musical chairs, until it occurred to me that there had be too much sitting down and you had never get anywhere.
By Jay Unos
The music business is a highly competitive (okay, cutthroat) industry comprising a lot of demanding professions besides performer -- meaning singer, songwriter, musician, producer, or whatever combination of those you are.
By Tammy Rose
Independent artists and other players in the music industry must have somewhere to go to, not just to gain information about the world that they belong but also to be heard.
By Greg Joes
It begins as a dream, a dream that usually starts during childhood where the craving for expression never ceases.
By Jerrold Lee
Booking shows is tough. Even tougher is being sure to get all the details at a venue before you song play.
By Joe Gottii
The world in the music business has a lot of issues and events that trigger critiques to give their opinions and views regarding a certain subject. These views are either constructive or destructive to the enthusiasts in the music world.
By Joe Gottii
Independent Artist - Everyone wants something for nothing even if they don’t really want nor need it. If the free item is garbage then no worries about throwing it away, it was free, no sweat off your back.
By Jay Uno
Technology has really skewed the perspective of musicians. Almost everyone today has the ability to record, mix and master their own record as well as distributing the final product on CDs.
By Jay Unos
To start a music business is not an easy task. It needs hard work, determination, long hours and significant amount of capital to invest. It however, consists of some exciting challenges as well.
By Kevin Dodson
Creativity has never been everybody’s cup of tea and so has been establishing in the art industry. It always required a thick mantle to survive and the music industry is no exception.
By Akiese Publishing
“Akiese Entertainment has joined forces with one of the top tiers in the credit management business and now has the capabilities to leverage their resources into music projects that will reach a worldwide audience.”

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