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By Runaway Moon
An amateur astronomer in Northern California says he knows the exact date when doomsday will occur.
By Howard Brian Edgar
If you don’t own a boat or possess even primitive raft-building skills, you might want to consider what that may mean to your future.
By The Barrett Company
"Revelation," the sequel To "Mr. Breeze" from Philadelphia author Morrie Richfield, ups the ante on the future of mankind’s survival. Mr. Breeze is back; so is Michael Ryan and Rover, the magical dog. "Mr. Breeze" fans can rejoice.
By 2012theguide
This Survival Guide is intended as a basic introduction on how to prepare for and react to events that may take place over the course of the years leading up to December 21, 2012.
By Poly Graphics Invitations
You've only got 264 days to prepare a great celebration to go out in style on December 21, 2012, the last day on the Mayan Calendar. Now is the time to start planning.
By Taj Thompson
Check out Revelation: The Eyes of God. Available for Free on Jan 25 2012
By HERO|farm
Today marks one year countdown until cataclysmic day in December
By Simone’ Griffin
With the unprecedented number of catastrophic events unfolding all around the world one may suggest that there is something big brewing in the universe that we have never seen before—“The Last Party On Earth.”
By HERO|farm
December 21, 2012 is gaining on you by the second. Whether you're waiting for the Rapture, using a Mayan calendar or just shaking a Magic 8 Ball, all signs point to Christmas 2011 as the last ever. Are you ready?
By Penny Nicolai
Hayes will also be speaking about the crystal skulls and how their wisdom is now being used to channel vast new knowledge for navigating through 2012 and beyond.
By Lynthomas
Pastor Harold Camping still claims he did get the prophecy right, but not the way he saw it.
By Starving Film Students, Inc.
APOCALYPSE ACCORDING TO DORIS, the new film by Victor Goss has been highlighted as an official selection in the Akasha Metaphysical Film Festival featuring actress Lindsay Wagner as keynote speaker in Carmel, CA, June 24 through June 26, 2011.
By Hemal Shah
~Temperatures set to skyrocket as the maiden int. episode to kick off a debate between Jesus Christ, the Pope, host Sumeet Raghavan & US Preacher Harold Camping who’s predicted the WORLD's END on May 21st, 2011!~
By sees the upcoming apocalypse as a way for you to get a laugh…and a new shirt!
By Daniel J. Gansle
Daniel J. Gansle, author of several groundbreaking books elucidating prophecy in world religion, announces availability of the high-tech edge-of-your seat book entitled, Your World, Your Future, & Bible Prophecy.
By Daniel J. Gansle
Daniel J. Gansle, author of the Maya Prophecy book, 2012: Day of Reckoning, announces availability of the book on with a full text preview.
By Michael Poeltl
Suffering from Psychotic episodes? Experiencing visions that reveal a horrifying future? Has the world as you know it ended? Have you lost everyone dear to you? Now you're starting to get the picture.
By Daniel J. Gansle
Daniel J. Gansle, author of several books elucidating prophecy in world religion, announces groundbreaking book regarding 2012 end of the world theories.
By Extreme Mayan Adventures
Newsflash! The world is not going to end!
By David Gooding
For the next few days, moviegoers will be wringing their collective hands in anticipation of Sony's epic doomsday pic, 2012. Equally as captivating is 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect, the exhaustively researched book inspired by the movie.
By Anomalos Publishing
Best selling author claims 6000 pages of research over two-year period condensed to 360 page report uncovers what has been hidden by Freemasons and Vatican insiders for decades.
World Disasters worry all human beings. The largest corporations must create a special program which predict wrecks in order to find a way of saving the world from the death.
By MIchael Poeltl
The Judas Syndrome, Apocalyptic fiction, now available at with reviews.
By New Century Publishing
Cactus Land, recently published novel, is creating much contreversy over an "apocalyptic vision" that the author says came to him in a dream.
By Michael Poeltl
“I know now that a single action can put in motion a series of repercussions… if the deed is large enough, if the intent evil enough, the results can be disastrous.” The Judas Syndrome is a frightening portrait of a possible future end. 2009
By Eloquent Books
It's the mid-fifties, and news reporters are broadcasting that the world is slowly and methodically being reduced to ashes. Human and plant life are disappearing from the planet.
By Eloquent Books
In Lunar Redemption, the world is on a one way road to destruction.
By Christian Voltaire
A 3 day convergence with 2012 experts and scholars who have deeply explored various themes and aspects on 2012. Includes panels, lectures, sacred Maya and Q'uero ceremonies, think-tank insight sessions on sustainability, film premieres plus more.

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