Is Our Diabetic Customers Blood Pressure Really High?

Is Our Diabetic Customers Blood Pressure Really Hi
Is Our Diabetic Customers Blood Pressure Really Hi
ZHONGSHAN, China - July 4, 2024 - PRLog -- Diabetes is a significant contributor to hypertension. For diabetic, in addition to regular monitoring of blood glucose, blood pressure management should not be ignored, otherwise it is prone to a host of diabetes complications.

1) Diabetic: Smaller size BPM cuff to bigger BP

After research, many diabetic would choose remote patients monitoring(RPM). However, they often get conventional BPM with smaller cuff, which interfere with the therapist's ability to obtain correct patients blood pressure data.

2) Younger diabetes makes timely monitoring more important

Besides, the diabetes population has been trending younger. It is therefore imperative to intervene in diabetic, both at home and in the workplace. As RPM solutions' effective and convenience, health plans that include RPM are often preferred by employers.

3) It's time for diabetes-specific BPM

Transtek follows the trend. Up to now, Transtek's TeleRPM BPM Gen 2 Plus has passed clinically validated with diabetics. With this 4G and industry-advanced algorithm BPM released, Transtek has also helped its RPM customers gain greater market share.

Diabetic have a relatively large share of CCM and is a key player in the RPM market, competitive BPM with proper cuff can makes you gain more new customers' favor.

Founded in 2002, Transtek is committed to multiple health fields such as remote health and chronic disease management, providing customers with medical-grade "RPM devices" and "cloud services". Transtek also provides one-stop connectivity technology, device management, and fulfillment services for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) providers. Transtek has established a co-branded solution named TeleRPM since 2019, it stands for Quality & Value which is the best of Transtek. TeleRPM is an integrated solution which includes cellular blood pressure monitor, cellular weight scale, cellular blood glucose meter and all-round BLE package with AnyHub solution. Also, TeleRPM is open and scalable, and Transtek will leverage their expertise to help customers realize greater value, potential and outcomes.

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Guangdong Transtek Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.


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