Wednesday Night (2024-07-03) on The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network: Laura Rogers and Jacquelin Smith

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ST. CATHARINES, Ontario - July 3, 2024 - PRLog -- Tonight on The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell:

10:00 PM - LAURA ROGERS - The Family Side of The 'X' Zone with Rob's Wife: The journey into and through The 'X' Zone is the topic of conversation this hour as Rob's wife joins him in studio to discuss The 'X' Zone and it's roots, stories of remotes, current 'X' Zone topics and much more.

11:00 PM - JACQUELIN SMITH - Star Being Communicator: On Thanksgiving of 2013, Jacquelin was telepathically contacted by a Council of Star Beings. She looked out the window and saw a cross in the sky. Jacquelin went outside and watched seven starships dance in the sky. Then a craft emerged from a portal above her house, flew directly over her and the lights from the craft flashed into her eyes. For fourteen days, she traveled in and out of multiple dimensions. She experienced being taken into past and future timelines as well as various OBE's, multiple-locating, and physically being on a Mothership with many star beings.

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