Friday Night (2024-06-28) on The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network: Christopher Macklin and Dr. Rita Louise

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ST. CATHARINES, Ontario - June 28, 2024 - PRLog -- Tonight on The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell:

10:00 PM - DR. CHRISTOPHER MACKLIN - AI, Nanotechnology, Morgellon's, Chemtrails and More: Dr. Macklin shares his insights in the fields of spirituality, health and wellness and the paranormal. His topics includes SADS, 5G's and the affects on the public, UFO's, The Galactic Federation, raising the immune system, Divine Sovereignty, Cause and Effect of Illness, lectures on the physical, spiritual and emotional guide to health & wellness.

11:00 PM - DR. RITA LOUISE - Soul Healer and Medical Intuitive: A survivor or childhood abuse, herself, Dr. Rita Louise has emerged as a gifted empath and talented clairvoyant medical intuitive. She is a Naturopathic physician and the founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics that trains students in the art of medical intuition, intuitive counseling, and energy medicine. She has authored six books and produced several feature-length and short films.

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