Top Media Forbes and ZDNet Recommend AI Automotive Night Vision System InfiRay NV2

InfiRay NV2 Car Night Vision System
InfiRay NV2 Car Night Vision System
NEW YORK - April 26, 2024 - PRLog -- InfiRay, the leader in infrared thermal imaging, unveils its latest innovation aimed at transforming nighttime driving safety - the InfiRay NV2 Car Night Vision System which redefines the driving experience for most drivers, ensuring safer journeys even in the darkest of nights and harshest weather conditions.

InfiRay NV2 has garnered widespread acclaim from leading tech publications, with TechRadar praising its ability to "Enhance night driving with AI-powered dash-mounted night vision, see clearer, drive safer, and navigate smarter." Forbes highlights its effectiveness in avoiding hazards, stating, "Swerve That Unseen Moose With The InfiRay NV2 Night Vision Driving Aid," while ZDNet declares, "Night, rain, and fog are no match for the InfiRay NV2 automotive thermal camera."

Equipped with an infrared thermal imaging sensor unit, InfiRay NV2 sets a new standard in nighttime visibility, capturing clear images with ultra-precision even in total darkness. Unlike conventional cameras, the NV2 can identify glare, reflections, and hazes, ensuring optimal visibility in challenging scenarios such as rainstorms and dust.

Isaiah Jang, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at InfiRay, expressed his enthusiasm for the product, stating, "After nearly three years of meticulous development and optimization, we are proud to unveil the InfiRay NV2. We aim to enhance the driving safety of every individual on the road, offering a solution that is both easily mountable and affordable."

Standout among the NV2's features is its ultra-long night vision distance of 200 meters, far surpassing traditional headlights, granting drivers enhanced visibility. Additionally, with an IP67 dustproof and rainproof rating, the NV2 ensures optimal performance in any weather condition.

Moreover, the NV2 boasts an ultra-responsive technology, responding in a mere 0.1 seconds to potential hazards. Its three-tier AI collision warning system covers distant, mid-range, and close hazards, including pedestrians, vehicles, and animals. Further enhancing its capabilities, the NV2 incorporates super-resolution technology, providing exceptionally clear images. Finally, the NV2 integrates IR-Pilot AI Smart Driving, delivering an intelligent driving solution for safer journeys.

Isaiah Jang further emphasized the exceptional value proposition of the NV2, stating confidently, "We believe that the InfiRay NV2 surpasses products several times its price in terms of performance and reliability. " What's more, this after-market advanced driver assistance system can be easily mounted on trucks, RVs, buses, and other kinds of vehicles.

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