Tonight on The 'X' Zone: Matthew Alper and Kevin Killen The Ghost Magnet

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Rob McConnell Host of The 'X' Zone on Classic 1220
Rob McConnell Host of The 'X' Zone on Classic 1220
ST. CATHARINES, Ontario - April 15, 2024 - PRLog -- Tonight on The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell:

10:00 PM - MATTHEW ALPER - The God Part of the Brain: , "The 'God' Part of the Brain." Since its initial publication in 1997, Matthew has lectured all over the United States, appeared on NBC tv, been written up in the Washington Post, appeared on numerous radio shows and is a contributor to the anthology "Neurotheology"—an emergent new science of which he is considered one of its chief founders. An outspoken member of the atheist and secular humanist movements, Matthew presently lives in Brooklyn.

11:00 PM - KEVIN KILLEN - The Paranormal "Ghost Magnet": A former substance abuse counselor and award winning journalist, Kevin has experienced the paranormal most of his life. From his first encounter at age five at his home in Evanston, Illinois, until the present day, Kevin has experienced many types of paranormal events. This ranges from shadow people, EVP captures, voices, and even two attachments. Kevin has lived in many places around the country where he has experienced these events, including Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Having grown up in Falls Church, Virginia, he has since relocated to the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland, where he is working on his current projects.

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