Tonight on The 'X' Zone: Rick Spicer and Lt. Col. Kevin Randle, PhD (Ret)

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Rob McConnell Host of The 'X' Zone on Classic 1220
Rob McConnell Host of The 'X' Zone on Classic 1220
ST. CATHARINES, Ontario - April 12, 2024 - PRLog -- Tonight on The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell:

10:00 PM - RICK SPICER - Independent Candidate for Prime Minister of Canada: Living in St. Catharines, an inventor with over 100 inventions, Rick Spicer claims that he will be running in the next federal election as Prime Minister of Canada. Rick says that when he is Prime Minister, he will not take a salary as PM, he will not live in the official PM residence, he will pit the cost of gas to $0.80 per liter, free electricity, free home phones and he wants to change the face of the Canadian political scene. He says that he is just a common person, and he has little knowledge about the workings of politics, especially the things that a PM can and cannot do, has no idea about the working of the different levels of government - but at least he wants to try and make a difference. Visit his YouTube Channel - Rick Spicer.

11:00 PM - LT. COL. KEVIN RANDLE, PhD (RETIRED) - UFOs, UAPs UFO Crashes, and More: Kevin has served as a field investigator for APRO, was one of the first to investigate cattle mutilations, and was the first to report an alien abduction from inside a home. His most important work has been in the Roswell UFO crash case. With Don Schmitt he wrote UFO CRASH AT ROSWELL and THE TRUTH ABOUT THE UFO CRASH AT ROSWELL. He has also written THE ROSWELL ENCYCLOPEDIA. His other UFO books included PROJECT BLUEBOOK EXPOSED, A HISTORY OF UFO CRASHES, SCIENTIFIC UFOLOGY, and THE ABDUCTION ENIGMA. Randle has appeared on numerous TV programs, in many documentaries, and even appeared briefly, if you knew where to look in the Showtime original movie, ROSWELL.

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