Celebrate Math Awareness Month with Crunch Bunch Kids: Introducing "Tricky Number 3"

As Math Awareness Continues, Crunch Bunch Kids is thrilled to share "Tricky Number 3" with you and yours.
Luvin My Numbers By Crunch Bunch
Luvin My Numbers By Crunch Bunch
NEW YORK & BOLTON, Mass. - April 14, 2024 - PRLog -- Hello educators, parents, and "Tricky Number 3." This fun and catchy tune is designed to help kids conquer the challenges of mastering the number three while making learning enjoyable. Join Crunch Bunch Kids in celebrating Math Awareness Month and mastering the challenge of number three with "Tricky Number 3"!

Number three may seem complex, rough, and challenging, but with "Tricky Number 3," Crunch Bunch Kids shows that this tricky digit won't trick you. The song is filled with playful lyrics and engaging melodies that will have kids singing and counting along in no time.

"We're excited to release 'Tricky Number 3' as part of Math Awareness Month," said [Your Name], founder of Crunch Bunch Kids. "Our goal is to make math fun and accessible for kids everywhere, and this song is a great way to help them build confidence with numbers."

The sharing of "Tricky Number 3" and other numbers from 1 to 12 coincides with Crunch Bunch Kids' celebration of Math Awareness Month 2024. This includes sharing a different song about numbers every day! You can catch them on YouTube, Buy a download on Amazon.com, comment, click the thumbs-up button, or subscribe to the Crunch Bunch Kid's Channel so more children and families can find our songs.

Here are some light-hearted and amusing facts about the number 3:
  • Three is often considered a magical or lucky number in fairy tales and folklore. Think of the three wishes a genie or the three little pigs granted.
  • The number 3 is integral to many famous sayings and phrases, such as "third time's the charm" or "good things come in threes."
  • The number 3 plays a significant role in many religious and spiritual beliefs, representing concepts like the Holy Trinity in Christianity or the Triple Goddess in Wiccan traditions.
  • Three is the number of primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) and the dimensions we experience in our physical world (length, width, and height).

Catch Tricky Number 3 on YouTube Here:

Parents, educators, and caregivers are encouraged to check out "Tricky Number 3" on Crunch Bunch Kids' YouTube channel and streaming platforms. The song is also available for download on Amazon Music, iTunes, and other digital music platforms.

Buy the Luvin' My Numbers CD on  Amazon NOW: http://www.amazon.com/Luvin-My-Numbers/dp/B0012LW9XW.

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