The American Dog Society Welcomes Shelter Dog Advocate as a Board Member, Amplifying Voices

NEW YORK - May 9, 2024 - PRLog -- The American Dog Society (ADS) proudly announces the addition of Rebecca Avery to its board. Avery brings with her a heartfelt dedication to the mission of The American Dog Society and a compelling personal story that highlights the profound impact of rescue dogs on individuals' lives.

In Avery's own words, "I joined The American Dog Society because I wanted to work with a non-profit that aligns with my values. My dog Ruby is a mixed-breed bulldog/GSD, who I adopted as a companion during COVID. What I didn't expect is that, intuitively, Ruby knew how to help me overcome the panic attacks and dissociative episodes that sometimes accompany my anxiety disorder. Since this discovery, Ruby and I have worked with several trainers to enhance her skill set, and now she's a real service dog who benefits my life in more ways than I was ever expecting. This experience has thrown a spotlight on how valuable all dogs are, and the idea that there are so many dogs in shelters who are just as special as mine breaks my heart. I am dedicated to the mission of The American Dog Society to reduce the number of shelter dogs everywhere."

Avery's journey with Ruby serves as proof to the power of the human-canine bond. Through dedication and training, Ruby has evolved from a beloved pet to a certified service dog, offering invaluable support to her owner in managing anxiety and enhancing daily life.

Additionally, Avery's commitment to ADS reflects a broader recognition of the massive potential residing within shelter dogs. Their advocacy emphasizes the importance of providing loving homes and support for dogs awaiting adoption, highlighting the integral value and capabilities of all canine companions.

The American Dog Society is thrilled to welcome Rebecca Avery to its board of members. Her personal journey with Ruby exemplifies the profound impact that rescue dogs can have on individuals' lives. As Avery embarks on this chapter with The American Dog Society, her story serves as a heartfelt reminder of the boundless potential for love, companionship, and support that exists within the human-canine relationship.

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