Announcing The Strategic Partnership Between Bloom Financial, LLC And Fourstar Wealth Advisors, LLC

Combining Expertise in Tax, Investment, and Risk Management with Cutting-Edge Financial Planning Technology for Enhanced Client Success
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Mitchell Bloom Presenting Tax Planning Symposium
Mitchell Bloom Presenting Tax Planning Symposium
BROOMFIELD, Colo. - Jan. 11, 2024 - PRLog -- Bloom Financial, LLC is accepting new clients as of January 1st in partnership with FourStar Wealth Advisors of Chicago, Illinois. Bloom is a boutique financial planning firm. It specializes in transactional tax planning. It also focuses on retirement income planning, estate planning, and investment management. The company prides itself on its cornerstone, "Financial Advice in Plain English."

Over the last three years, modernization of financial services technology has streamlined and simplified client financial planning facilitation. It has also expanded outreach capacity, planning options, and reporting capabilities. This new partnership best helps individuals and families with highly appreciated businesses, stock, crypto, art, CRE, and rental properties. It also serves highly compensated executives and business owners. The Bloom Financial/FourStar partnership increases clients' reach in the ever-evolving world of financial planning breakthroughs, tactics, and tools.

The firm consults industry economists in addition to different viewpoints of The Capital Market Assumptions 10-year Outlook. For example, the decade starting in 2024, assumptions for U.S. equities range from Vanguard's 4.2%-6.2% to BNY Mellon's 7.4%1, 2. These numbers are well below the market average. President, Mitchell Bloom said, "The standard 60/40 model portfolio may be facing a tough decade ahead. One of our goals is to improve clients' chances of investment success using diversified alternative investments. We get excited teaching clients about our Core-Satellite investment philosophy commonly used by institutional investors and universities like Yale and Harvard. For clients who qualify, we tilt their Satellite portfolios towards alt funds. These invest in start-ups, angel investments, private equity, hedge funds, and real estate."

Bloom's mission is to help clients become liberated from the stress and anxiety of understanding taxes, markets, retirement, and the transfer of wealth to the next generation. Over the last 36 years, Bloom has developed a nationwide team of trustees, tax attorneys, CPAs, business brokers, certified financial planners. They also work with insurance auditors, art appraisers, custodian banks, third party service providers, and investment advisory firms.

FourStar Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor firm headquartered in Chicago. FourStar Wealth is an independent firm without the conflicts or restrictions of the old school firms. We believe success in achieving financial goals starts with a comprehensive wealth strategy. We help you define what is most important to you and formulate the strategies suited for your needs This applies to whether you are accumulating wealth or investing for income, solidifying your retirement plan, or devising a distribution approach that meets your lifestyle and legacy goals.


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