Tonight on The 'X' Zone : JIM ANDRE (Alien Channeler) and DR. GEORGINA CANNON (Hypnosis)

The longest-running Canadian Paranormal Talk Radio Show hosted by Rob McConnell rules the night airwaves from their 'X' Zone studios and corporate offices in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada ON AIR on YourHometown Radio, CLASSIC 1220 - www.classic1220
Rob McConnell Host of The 'X' Zone on Classic 1220
Rob McConnell Host of The 'X' Zone on Classic 1220
ST. CATHARINES, Ontario - Jan. 8, 2024 - PRLog -- Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, join Canadian broadcaster and media personality, Rob McConnell tonight at 10 PM Eastern as he investigates the world of the paranormal and science of parapsychology in The 'X' Zone,  ON AIR from St. Catharines, Ontario, on Your Hometown Radio, CLASSIC 1220 –

Tonight's Guests:

10:00 PM – JIM ANDRE: Since his abduction experience, Jim Andre has acquired the skill of energetically healing others, along with a firm belief in his abilities. Jim has successfully conducted healing sessions via the Internet, and those who have received these sessions can attest to Jim's effectiveness. Additionally, Jim claims to receive telepathic informational downloads from the Zeta Reticula, a species of short alien grays. This unique connection has granted Jim access to knowledge that would otherwise be unavailable. The aliens have also placed a tattoo on Jim's arm as testimony of his deep connection with them. It suggests that there may be more to the world than meets the eye.

11:00 PM – DR. GEORGINA CANNON: An award-winning author, change catalyst, corporate speaker, international facilitator, and practicing consulting hypnotist who brilliantly and skillfully uncovers the powers of the subconscious mind-body connection working through relationship and life issues with clients both personally and for business. She is a board member of the International Board of Regression Therapies, as well. With an eclectic background in journalism, the corporate world and counselling, Georgina is a powerful catalyst for change – in a person, a couple, or a corporation/organization. Writing, teaching, lecturing and appearing in the media, she attracts audiences both young and old, including the 78 million baby boomers in North America looking forward to the second half of their lives and seeking insight and inspiration on life's deepest questions.

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