VFAF Veterans for Trump trademark history and Veterans for America First Trademark history as filed by L-Strategies LLC

Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump trademark history for public record.
By: L-Strategies LLC
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Angie Wong email confirming her use of trademark
Angie Wong email confirming her use of trademark
NEWNAN, Ga. - Dec. 24, 2023 - PRLog -- From the press room of L-Strategies the official press of VFAF Veterans for Trump grassroots national.

A former partner in L-Strategies is currently providing disinformation about the history of the VFAF filed trademarks. Filing for a trademark is a common business practice. That noted L-Strategies LLC will cure the public perception of the trademark.

In November 2022 Angie Wong @AngieWong with L-Strategies consulting at the time, wanted to sell Veterans for Trump wine. Wong suggested the trademark be applied for to sell wine.

The VFAF organization was first to use the name and logo in 2015 prior to the Trump campaign using it and prior to its public domain use now by thousands of merchants. The purpose of this trademark application was to stop others from infringing on the VFAF brand established in 2015. Initially the trademark was approved pending review and advertised on March 12,2023. Wong abandoned the Wine idea as she did not want to invest with her own funds and shortly later Wong was removed from VFAF and L-Strategies. After she was removed the trademark application was abandoned.

The VFAF organization holds a valid trademark for the Veterans for America First logo and also offers franchise type agreements for state chapters as they build their national footprint.

For more information on why Angie Wong was removed from the organizations, or the trademark visit https://virginiavfaf.org/news/


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