StackSource Introduces Commercial Mortgage Lender Match Score

Lender Match Score
Lender Match Score
NEW YORK - Nov. 30, 2023 - PRLog -- StackSource, a pioneer in matching commercial real estate deals with the right financing options online, proudly introduces a groundbreaking upgrade to its lending platform aimed at increasing transparency into its proprietary matching algorithm. The new Match Score feature reveals key components of the algorithm so borrowers can understand and prioritize

The Match Score feature evaluates lenders across three pivotal dimensions:

Responsiveness: StackSource's platform tracks and measures lenders' responsiveness to deals submitted through its system. This metric gauges the promptness and efficiency with which lenders engage and respond to incoming opportunities.

Competitiveness on Terms: The platform assesses lenders' competitiveness on crucial financing terms such as interest rates, leverage, recourse, prepayment penalties, and other essential parameters. This metric aids borrowers in identifying lenders that can potentially offer the most favorable terms.

Sweet Spot Alignment: Understanding that each lender has a distinct niche or preference, StackSource's system evaluates how closely a specific deal aligns with a lender's preferences or sweet spot. This factor significantly enhances the probability of a successful match by identifying lenders whose criteria best fit the borrower's needs.

Furthermore, the platform computes a comprehensive Match Score by combining these three dimensions. This score streamlines the decision-making process, offering borrowers a clear and concise evaluation of the suitability of a lender for their specific financing requirements.

The presentation of these scores is visualized for every matched capital program through an easy-to-understand user-friendly interface. Each of the four metrics - responsiveness, competitiveness, sweet spot alignment, and the overall Match Score - is depicted graphically with a 5-dot visual representation. The dots are filled to a varying degree, providing a quick and intuitive understanding of the degree of match for each criterion.

"Traditional loan brokers are notorious for making self-interested, relationship-based decisions when it comes to placing deals with lenders, rather than opening the kimono for borrowers to understand their range of options," says Tim Milazzo, CEO and Co-founder of StackSource. "Our goal is to empower borrowers by providing them with transparent and data-driven insights, facilitating more efficient and effective financing decisions, along with the guidance and support of an expert Capital Advisor."

This enhancement reinforces StackSource's commitment to leveraging technology to streamline and optimize the commercial real estate financing experience.

About StackSource

StackSource is a tech-enabled commercial real estate finance platform. The company connects investors who are developing or acquiring commercial properties with financing options including banks, insurance companies, debt funds, private equity, and other alternative capital providers through a simple, transparent online process. StackSource, ranked #777 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies, is taking the best of commercial mortgage brokerage and updating it for the 21st century. Learn more at

Tim Milazzo, CEO and Co-founder


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