This Halloween, Tell Children About The REAL Monsters

Use Holiday to Educate Kids About Their #1 Health/Death Threat
WASHINGTON - Oct. 30, 2023 - PRLog -- Folklore says that vampires, the most frightening of Halloween monsters, enslave people by biting their necks, and eventually cause them to suffer a lingering death.

When parents assure their young children that vampires are only imaginary, they can also use the occasion to warn kids about the real monsters who do in fact try to enslave them, and cause long and lingering deaths, suggests the law professor who banned cigarette commercials, and helped kill off Joe Camel and cigarette billboards.

These monsters are tobacco company executives, who begin enslaving children as young as 9 or 10 to nicotine, a drug we adults now know is as addictive as cocaine or heroin for many, including kids, who can begin to become addicted to nicotine from smoking only a few cigarettes or initial uses of e-cigarettes.

While even Count Dracula, the most fearsome of all vampires, could enslave only a few people at a time, tobacco companies enslave thousands of young children every single day.

Of these, about half will die as a result of their smoking and addiction to nicotine, and many more will endure long suffering while connected to hospital respirators, life support machines, and other devices.

Books and movies rarely depict vampires targeting children, presumably because it would be too gruesome or too monstrous even to show.

But we know – from their own previously-secret documents about cigarette manufacturers planning to capitalize on handicapped third-graders, developing cigarettes specially geared to the youth market, and deliberately locating cigarettes near candy displays – that tobacco companies have no such compunctions.

Ironically, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, these monsters continue to engage in a wide variety of activities designed to lure children into becoming enslaved on a magnitude that Dracula could not possibly have begun to imagine.

Unfortunately, the tactics still seem to be working, because many pre-teens and teens continue to become addicted every day to tobacco cigarettes or to nicotine-laden e-cigarettes.

So, suggests Banzhaf, parents, guardians, and grandparents should take this opportunity – and children's interest in ghoulish topics around Halloween – to explain to young children that vampires and other monsters may not exist, but that there are very real monsters who will try to enslave them as they grow older if they don't watch out.

Yes, this Halloween warn children to watch out for cars, but also for efforts to trick them, like smoking scenes planted in movies, ads showing happy healthy people smoking, and gimmicks like rock concerts for older kids and giveaways to entice them – like the victims of vampires – to become enslaved.   @profbanzhaf

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