Enhanced Accuracy of Diabetes Care with HCT Technology

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Enhanced Accuracy Of Diabetes Care With Hct Techno
Enhanced Accuracy Of Diabetes Care With Hct Techno
ZHONGSHAN, China - Oct. 31, 2023 - PRLog -- Haematocrit Correction Technology, often referred to as HCT correction, is a cutting-edge advancement designed to tackle the variability in blood glucose measurements caused by fluctuations in Haematocrit levels. HCT refers to the proportion of blood that consists of red blood cells, a factor that can significantly affect the measurement of blood glucose. In diabetes care, where HCT levels can vary widely, the need for precise and reliable glucose readings is crucial.

The Core of HCT Correction Technology: Algorithm

Testing the hematocrit of the blood sample is quite important, whereas, at the heart of Haematocrit Correction Technology lies a sophisticated algorithm. TeleRPM BGM Gen 1 applies our self-owned algorithm for HCT correct technology which takes into account the HCT level of the patient and corrects the blood glucose reading accordingly. By factoring in this critical variable, the technology ensures that glucose measurements remain accurate, even within a wide range of HCT values. Test strip GOD (glucose oxidase) HCT range of TeleRPM BGM Gen 1 is 20-70%, which is one of the widest in the world, and the range of GDH-FAD (glucose dehydrogenase) HCT of the test strip is 0-70%, which is also one of the widest in the world.

Precision in Neonatal Care

For neonates requiring intensive care, blood glucose monitoring assumes a life-saving significance. Glucose fluctuations can have profound implications for these vulnerable patients, making real-time and accurate monitoring an essential component of their care. The HCT of neonatal (less than 3 weeks old) is usually up to 65%, our TeleRPM BGM Gen 1 test strip HCT range is as wide as 20% to 70%, which means that neonatal samples can be tested. Unlike traditional blood glucose meters, Haematocrit (HCT) levels that can impact the accuracy of readings are no longer a big challenge for those vulnerable individuals.

Conforms to Accuracy Requirements of EU ISO 15197: 2013/2015

The accuracy of TeleRPM BGM Gen 1 has been through strict tests and trials. It fully complies with the requirements of EU ISO 15197: 2013/2015 standard that HCT interference shall not exceed±10%. The clinical test of HCT is conducted by German IDK and certified test report is released by the agency. IDK is a well-known third-party laboratory /evaluation agency for diabetes management products in Europe.

All in all, TeleRPM BGM Gen 1 is a certified, accurate device with leading Haematocrit Correction Technology that analyzed by Transtek self-owned algorithms, it holds the potential to redefine the landscape of glucose monitoring, ensuring that the smallest and most vulnerable patients receive the accuracy and reliability they deserve.

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