Prince Oakleyski Eurasia will release a film for God's sake. The movie title is "Monotheism and Devils", directed by Prince Oak Oakleyski

"Monotheism and Devils" is principally about goodness of God and evil of devils. It's scheduled to be released soon after the handsome Prince of Eurasia's movie production accomplished all the film footage. The rare Docudrama of Prince Oak will be shown to the world, accentuating why Oneness of God is the true principal essence for every life. Worldwide spectators can see this atypical movie and newcomers in 2024, as a rising star Nisarat Deejai makes her debut, with Pawan Sethi as well.
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Prince Oak Oakleyski "Papathankhan Akhundmirza" 1
Prince Oak Oakleyski "Papathankhan Akhundmirza" 1
BANGKOK & OAKWOOD, Ga. - Sept. 6, 2023 - PRLog -- Prince Oak Oakleyski promulgated that his private Eurasia organization had been working on a new international movie that's hopefully going to be distributed in early 2024. He asseverated, it would probably be the best Docudrama film of his production since it's an uncommon amalgam of Documentary and dramatization brought into screenplays including demonstrations of religious rituals versus evil acts. It's a mingling of nonfiction and fictional elements but more inclined towards true stories based on real life experience of the director himself.

The potential release date is set to be 13th February 2024. In spite of the official movie language being universally English, there's a localized transliteration though spoken words are not dubbed. Thai subtitles are intended to be translated for better understanding, enjoyment and preference of local audience considering that the main casts are also ethnic Thai (except Pawan Sethi and Prince Oak who are Indian and Eurasian, respectively).

The director is Prince Oak Oakleyski as well as starring himself (Self), along with Nice Nisarat Deejai as herself; Self and Beauty (the latter is alternate). Other pivotal roles include Chris Smith Dinlaine as Self, Gun Tanapat Jampreechar as Self/Detective, Pop Pawan Sethi as Self/Tourist, Ana Anasaya Numdokmai as Self/Psychologist, Natthanya Rojjanakhamthorn as Self/Painter, Pannida Kulbutdee as Mysterious Lady, Jiratt Nahome as False Devil, and Auttanun Jampreechar as Self. Professional cinematography was significantly operated by Gitpon Nakmuk. Major investment budgets were funded by the executive producers; Achara Maneesawath and Prince Oak Oakleyski.

The producers asserted that they had prayed to God before filmmaking process commenced and haven't expedited its completion. The focal innuendo of this movie is that none of the devils can harm oneness of God. Prince Oak cordially told, the movie can be finalized whenever God's willing to let the production disseminate stories about some miracles from the only One God.

The movie company name of Prince Oakleyski Eurasia was truncated to "Prince Oak Eurasia" at which its prolix variant can be domestically spelled as "ร้านยูเรเซีย ต้นตำรับ ปริ๊นซ์โอคลีสกี้ ของป๊าปาทานข่านอาคุณมิรซา ศาสนนามอุลามาอฺมุสลิมโมกุลแท้ท่านเจ้าชายโอ๊คอิสลาม", occasionally "Принц Евразии Оак Евразия Оук Папатанхан الأمير أوك Eurasia" wherein it manufactures culinary products, too. For any queries, contact admin Eve via a social media site on


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