"Trill LadiBarber" is Leading the Way in Providing Permanent Hair Hope for Men and Women with New Painless Hair Replacement Procedure

August is Hair Loss Awareness Month, and "Trill LadiBarber" is solving hair loss issues for men and women with Scalp Micropigmentation
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Trill LadiBarber
Trill LadiBarber
DALLAS - July 18, 2023 - PRLog -- Chemotherapy, alopecia, stress, hormonal changes…the list of root causes for hair loss is never-ending. Fortunately, for those battling chronic hair loss, Trevalyn M. Parker, aka "Trill LadiBarber", is revolutionizing the hair replacement industry for men and women of all ethnic backgrounds and hair types! This bold, non-invasive, pain free procedure is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), and it is changing the lives of individuals experiencing moderate to extreme hair loss.

Trill uses micro-needles to deposit organic ink pigments into the scalp. The result creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles that help thicken and restore the appearance of hair. The goal of SMP is to mask any imperfections due to hair loss. The procedure is non-surgical, painless, does not cause any bleeding from the scalp and is very low maintenance. Trill was motivated to acquire training in SMP out of her deep desire to provide an affordable and long-term solution to her client's hair loss issues. She explains, "I had been installing man units on my clients but found that to be cost prohibitive for many of them. There was also a tremendous amount of maintenance required because they had to come in every few weeks to keep up their new look. After hearing about scalp micropigmentation, I was determined to learn as much as I could about it. I did a great deal of comparative research on the procedure to see how it measured up against other processes, and it was clear that from a cost and maintenance standpoint, SMP was absolutely the best solution for my clients and their hair loss treatment."

SMP is also a successful option for people of all ethnic backgrounds and hair types. Trill continues, "Since we replicate the client's follicles and their hair type, the procedure produces a natural look in all our clients. It is essentially a hair tattoo, and we use ink to mimic real hair follicles. I blend each client's ink to match their natural or desired hair color specifically for them." The procedure takes one to four hours depending on coverage area and usually requires two or three treatments to achieve desired hair density. Clients can return to the barbershop to have their own hair cut down, or they can maintain their new look at home with ease.

The fact that Trill is standing at the forefront of this exciting new hair replacement innovation is no surprise. She has been propelling the rise of the female barber since the beginning of her career five years ago. This journey in the male dominated industry has not been without challenges. Trill recounts, "Being the only woman in a barbershop environment was not easy. From being harassed to not being taken seriously, it took a lot of pure will and refusal to be shut down for me to continue in this business." Her resilience paid off and her natural talent was recognized and celebrated! Her utilization of platforms like Instagram and Facebook, landed her the Social Media Influencer of the Year Award. She has also been featured twice in Krave Magazine. Trill is also considered one of Dallas' best barbers, male or female, by her thousands of clients, fans and followers.

Trill is a force on the rise nationally and internationally as she has taken her The Barber Cave brand across the pond to London. She has also developed a popular line of grooming products, Magic Drip, which includes foam wrap, pomade and beard growth oil. Trill's unwavering dedication to her clients and providing unmatched service and solutions motivate her to continue to explore and provide the best hair care possible and pave a smoother way for female barbers launching their career. She concludes, "I started in this industry because of my love for it. The encouragement of my grandmother, who passed away from cancer, has served to keep me going and push me forward during the most difficult times. I've always been one to invest in myself. I believe there is more out there for me and my clients. I've never been stagnant or allowed myself to get comfortable., I'm always trying to get to what's next." What's next for Trill is as unlimited and grandiose as her will to make it her reality!

For more information about Scalp Micropigmentation and The Barber Cave, contact Trill Parker at 682-812-4154 or visit her on her social media pages. Payment options are available.

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