Bifster One Publishing, LLC is pleased to announce the release of the first two books of The SECRET BUTTERFLY SERIES(TM)

THE BUTTERFLY YOU LOVE and A WOMAN'S VOICES (first and second books of the Passion volume in Rosemary Ness Bitner's three volume, eighteen book series) are now available for purchase wherever books are sold.
LOS ANGELES & CHELSEA, U.K. & MIAMI - July 11, 2023 - PRLog -- Bifster One Publishing, LLC is pleased to announce the release of the first two books of Rosemary Ness Bitner's THE SECRET BUTTERFLY SERIES™: THE BUTTERFLY YOU LOVE© (Paperback ISBN 9982321-6-4; eBook ISBN 9982321-5-7) and A WOMAN'S VOICES© (Paperback ISBN  9982321-8-8; eBook ISBN 9982321-7-1). The books, recognizable by their enchanting EYES BEHIND THE BUTTERFLY ™ covers, are now available wherever books are sold. The breakthrough eighteen book series is comprised of an eleven book Passion volume; a three book Insanity volume; and a four book Resurrection volume. The books are not suitable for persons under the age of eighteen.

Quoting author Rosemary Ness Bitner: "I am delighted to see these first two books of my Passion volume in print. "I am especially grateful for the outstanding work of Andrea Reider, of Reider Books, for her precision formatting; and for the brilliant cover design and production coordination of Carrie Peters, of Cheeky Covers. Their diligent, tireless efforts brought everything together seamlessly and smoothly.

"Inspiration for the Series originated with a recurring premonition. I imagine our world plunging into its Second Dark Ages. Our First Dark Ages cast humanity into a terrible abyss. People died of plagues, starvation, and cruelty. Our Second Dark Ages may also have similar abysmal occurrences; but mainly, it will be remembered as the time when many abandoned their morality and accepted the new era's immorality. Rather than choosing sides in this great moral struggle, the Series' fictional saga showcases the behaviors of characters caught up in the changing morality; reveals the underlying causes of their behaviors: Greed; Lust; Passion; Romance; Power and Control; Manipulation; Narcissism; Ambition; Jealousy; Revenge; and Love, the most compelling cause of all.

"Several assumptions underly the Series. First: Relatable human history began about twenty thousand years ago; not six thousand years ago, as much orthodoxy teaches. Second: Human souls transport and renew themselves, through time, into new living humans. Third: Human morality swings like a pendulum's arc, from Pagan Temple goers' prostitution worshipping rituals of twenty thousand years ago, to rigid nineteenth century Victorian era moral codes; back to our present time, where we are reverting to humanity's spirit-based, creation worship morality.

"Is humanity severing itself from traditional religious moorings; rejecting established moral conventions? Do we yearn for our ancient fertility worship practices? Are porn stars emerging as newly revered, worshipped, and loved deities? And, will appreciating butterflies' life cycles and natural transformative spirituality help us understand our own desires and emotions?

"Series characters Marty, Maria, Susan, Sheila, Cecilia, Connie, JoAnne, Linda, Sandra, Pattie, Lotus Flower Lulabelle Wong, Aaliyah, Astarte, Cleopatra, Bathsheba, Salome, and Isabella are iconic, perceptive, emotive women. Each craves understanding, acceptance, respect, and love. Each wrestles with morality, her fascinating love lives, and the ethical dilemmas of her time. Enjoy!"

Contact information for Bifster Publishing, LLC, and Rosemary Ness Bitner: 191 University Blvd. suite 264, Denver, CO,80206;; QRPPLUSCODE.jpg;


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