Bicycle Accidents Lawyer Debbie Taussig Is Proud to Help Injured Parties Put Their Lives Back Together

If you need a bicycle accident attorney in Boulder, look no further than Debbie Taussig. Learn more about the legal counsel she provides on her recently revamped website.
Bicycle Accidents Attorney in Boulder
Bicycle Accidents Attorney in Boulder
BOULDER, Colo. - April 19, 2023 - PRLog -- Debbie Taussig Law, a personal injury firm that's equipped to handle all kinds of personal injury claims, just announced the relaunch of a page on their website. The page in question explains how the firm's bicycle accident attorney Debbie Taussig helps victims. It was updated to provide additional information and showcase the practice's unwavering support, compassionate service, and tenacious representation for injured cyclists.

Collisions between cyclists and motorists occur fairly often across the state of Colorado for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common causes include distracted driving, following too closely, and failing to yield. The enhanced page lists several additional causes and aims to remind readers that no matter how safety-conscious cyclists might be, they cannot count on the motorists around them to exercise the same level of care.

"Getting hurt in a bicycle accident can derail your entire life," said Debbie Taussig, Founder Attorney. "Fortunately, those who are not at fault are usually entitled to compensation." She continued, "We updated the webpage on this area of personal injury law because we wanted to remind Coloradans that we're devoted to providing all the legal support we can to help victims get the compensation they deserve."

While every bicycle accident is unique, Debbie Taussig knows all victims have at least one thing in common: their lives have been turned upside down. With the right legal representation, though, they can navigate the subsequent proceedings with ease and hopefully secure the funds they need to feel whole again.

"If you or someone you love was struck by a motorist while following the rules of the road on your bike, we hope you'll reach out," said Debbie. "Check out our updated page on how a bicycle accidents lawyer can help, and then give us a call."

Whether you or someone in your family needs a bicycle attorney in Boulder, the page aims to showcase that you can trust Debbie Taussig will assert your rights at every turn. A devoted professional determined to see every claim through to the end, she'll even take your case to court if settling proves impossible.

About Debbie Taussig Law

Debbie Taussig Law is devoted to providing compassionate and tenacious legal counsel to those who have been wronged by others. Founded on a commitment to excellence, the firm has earned a reputation as a trusted advocate for personal injury victims. If you need a bike accident lawyer in Colorado, look no further. A seasoned trial attorney, Debbie Taussig will tap into her extensive experience at every stage of the proceedings, all the while advocating for your best interests so you can seek the compensation you deserve. Request a free case review to discuss your situation with a compassionate bicycle lawyer in Boulder.


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