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Vote Vote Vote. Support and Vote for Peter Obi and Yusuf Baba-Ahmed in the Nigerian Presidential Election, Saturday, February 25, 2023
By: Chike Anyoha MD
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Peter Obi And Yusuf Baba
Peter Obi And Yusuf Baba
BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - Feb. 23, 2023 - PRLog -- What would happen if Mr. Peter Obi and his running mate Yusuf Baba-Ahmed became the president and vice president in the upcoming Nigerian presidential election? For the first time in decades, people are curiously tuned in to what is happening in Nigerian politics. In these two candidates, people see a possibility of divine intervention. Market women and the youths are rooting for them to triumph. The palm wine tappers, masquerades, drivers, and conductors are drumming, dancing, and honking for them to succeed. Traders, artisans, and flute players are stomping for these gentlemen. Even the everlasting pessimistic diasporas, who months ago did not want anything to do with the motherland, have become homesick now that help is on the way. But it is only a hope, the audacity of hope, as President Barrack Obama would say, of what tomorrow holds for Nigeria. The stakes are high. A nightmare might descend on Nigerians the day after the election if Peter and Yusuf do not win, after the magic they generated among the citizenry.

Peter Obi and Yusuf Baba-Ahmed Qualities

With their speech, conduct, issue diagnosis, and plans to confront these tenacious Nigerian maladies, and their fearless demeanor, this dynamic duo from the Nigerian labor party dust their competitors.  Speaking briefly at the Lagos trade fair, Mr. Obi said that when he becomes the president, the darkness, the power outages that had plagued Nigeria daily for sixty years will be a thing of the past. A true believer in Nigeria's enormous potential, Obi promised the youths to conquer hunger, poverty, joblessness, and corruption.

Baba-Ahmed, his running mate, is equally a shining star. "An idea whose time has come," is how Yusuf Baba-Ahmed summarized the current feverish political condition in Nigeria, waiting for a breath of fresh air, a clear mind, and an energy surge. Thoughtful, and professorial, while addressing members and elders from Northern Assembly, Yusuf Baba-Ahmed articulated perfectly why he and Peter Obi should lead Nigeria today.

The feeling is in the air

There is a new feeling in the air that only folks old enough to have witnessed Nigerian independence could appreciate. Both Nigerians at home and those in diasporas experienced these feelings equally. It is a feeling that something big is about to happen. Obi is an Igbo from the eastern part of Nigeria, while his running mate is from the Northern part of Nigeria. To be clear, the easterners and the northerners had not been the best of friends in the past.

I asked Mrs. Ndubuisi, a woman in her 60s, to explain the positive energy that surrounds Obi and Baba-Ahmed. Let me tell you, she said, "Nigerians of today care more about their progress and prosperity than about ethnic groups, political or religious affiliation."

Watching Peter or Yusuf analyze the issues confronting Nigeria, listening to them enumerate how they would solve endemic mismanagement problems, and hearing about their past public services leaves the hardworking and optimistic people wondering. Will Nigeria rise to the level which she deserves?


According to folks, unlike the power-hungry on a quest for embezzlement, Obi and Baba-Ahmed seem self-sufficient and would be devoted to serving and fighting for the people of Nigeria, not stealing from them. Their impeccable selfless past in public service speaks loud and clear. Folks say that these two gentlemen seemed to be the perfect choice at a crucial time in the history of Nigeria. If they won and provide the needed security for citizens, and jobs for hundreds of thousands of Nigerian professionals, some languishing, while others toiling overseas would come home and start rebuilding their motherland for their children and grandchildren.

All eyes are on INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission).

A nefarious or incompetent INEC, according to skeptics, is the only thing that might stop the Obi and Baba-Ahmed ticket from winning. If INEC were to disenfranchise supporters of Obi and Baba, if they were to annul the votes of millions of people that would vote for Obi and Baba, frustrate them, dissolve, or shred their votes, then all bets are off, the budding hope would be gone, and once more interest groups and charlatans would shackle motherland Nigeria.
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