REIPrintMail Reveals Why Real Estate Investors Should Work Their "Nos"

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ST. LOUIS - Feb. 14, 2023 - PRLog -- REIPrintMail, one of the nation's leaders in marketing for real estate investors, said many in the REI space miss good investment opportunities due to moving away too quickly from potential sellers who initially demonstrate little or no response. This type of marketing error can prove to be costly.

Jeff Charlton, President of REIPrintMail and sister company Graphic Connections Group, said many investors spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns to generate leads and are always looking for a fast transaction. However, after finding a few who say "yes" to selling their homes they move on to the next campaign and forget about the others who initially said "no" thus costing themselves thousands of dollars in the long run.

"It's been well documented that many deals get done after a seller first elicits a negative response to a potential sale. For many a 'no' today could be a 'yes' next month, next year or shortly thereafter," Charlton said.

"For example, if you do a direct mail campaign that costs $2,500 and generates 25 leads, and close one deal, you then have 24 leads left who initially said 'no'.  Should you close that one deal for a profit of $15,000 your ROI on the campaign is a very nice net return of $12,500 after expenses. However, it can get better."

Charlton said instead of forgetting about the 24 leads that initially did not pan out they should be rolled into a campaign for the next year or two.

"You have already paid for those leads so why not stay in front of them for a while and see how many more might be ready to make a deal later?  Should you spend just $1 per mailer, 24 leads will cost you $24 each month for 24 months. That totals out to just $576 for a two-year campaign. If you close another $15,000 in profit from just one of those 24 leads over the next 24 months, your net revenue is greatly increased, and the dollars spent on the initial list have twice as much as impact."

Charlton added that a closed transaction from the remaining 24 leads increases the overall net profit to over $27,000 on all the leads generated from the first campaign. "You can keep utilizing those leads for the next several years and with another yes or two the profits keep getting better and better, and so does your net return."

"The bottom line is you can make a significant amount of money by working your no's with little added marketing expense. Utilizing a company skilled in direct mail services such as REIPrintMail, can automate the process requiring minimal effort. By working your lead list correctly an investor can realize more deals, greater returns, and greater profits."

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