Pro Active Commercial Lending Group Offers Commercial Loans to U.S. Citizens and Non-Citizens Alike in South Texas

By: ProActive Commercial Lending Group, LLC
Proactive Commercial Lending Group, Llc
Proactive Commercial Lending Group, Llc
AUSTIN, Texas - Feb. 6, 2023 - PRLog -- ProActive Commercial Lending Group, a prominent private lending company, has recently offered commercial loans ideal for investment and business purposes that are accessible to both U.S. citizens and non-citizens alike. A top lending company, Pro Active Lending takes advantage of its in-house programs and all the benefits of long relationships with the country's leading private lenders to provide commercial lending services in Texas. They provide a wide variety of loans which include easy-to-borrow, low-interest rate, hard and soft money loans, SBA loans, and others.

ProActive launched its South Texas commercial loan program to provide investors and borrowers a quick and simple way to secure capital for financing their projects. This is mainly the reason why they make their loans much more flexible and without demanding criteria for eligibility, which are required by traditional banks and other lending institutions. The loans are therefore easily accessible even for borrowers with less-than-stellar credit history and financial stability.

The commercial loans  have terms that range from 6 months to 30 years. These multiple term options provide borrowers the time to improve their finances so that they do not feel pressured or financially encumbered while paying down the amount. To add to the benefit of borrowers, the terms of private money loans have gotten better in recent years, resulting in lenders feeling that putting money back into their loan programs is a sound and profitable investment. This allows ProActive to be more lenient with their requirements and offer amounts larger than other lenders.

The commercial loans do not have prepayment penalty so borrowers can pay off the loans early without incurring any charges if their financial condition improves substantially sooner. The cash-out programs make updating property fast and easy, and the purchase program makes it possible for clients to secure their next investment while the business climate is good.

Speaking about their commercial lending service in South Texas, the company's founder Bruce Myles said, "The loans are specifically designed around the needs of Chattanooga real estate investors and not the other way around. We've made our apartment loans flexible to make them different and much easier to borrow than loans provided by traditional banks. We take advantage of our in-house programs and all the benefits of long relationships with the country's top, private investors, and apply these aggressively to our loan schemes."

About ProActive Commercial Lending Group, LLC: ProActive Commercial Lending Group, LLC, is a private lending institution founded by Bruce Myles in 2003. Since its inception, the group has been offering services that connect small to medium businesses and investors with private lenders for their financial needs.


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