Fresh Orthodontics Explains How Body Posture Is Connected to the Jaw and Teeth

By: Fresh Orthodontics
BROOKLYN, N.Y. - Jan. 24, 2023 - PRLog -- Generations of people have been told, "Stop slouching!" and "Stand up straight!" Worthwhile advice for avoiding spine issues. But Brooklyn orthodontist, Dr. Ankush Khanna, wants to highlight that posture can also play a part in the functioning and appearance of jaws and teeth.

Connections Between Body Posture and the Jaw and Teeth

1. A Misaligned Jaw May Affect Balance

When the jaws don't stack together well, this can affect oral health, chewing, and the way a smile looks. But it also plays a role in body posture.

Amongst others, a 2016 study found that misaligned jaws and postural body stability are related: in the study, the more serious a participant's malocclusion, the less balance they had. More research is needed to see whether it's the posture that affects the jaw misalignment or the other way around.

2. Airway Issues and Forward Head Posture

Dr. Khanna has seen how a narrow palate and malocclusion go hand-in-hand with sleep disordered breathing and mouth breathing. And those with airway issues sometimes adopt a forward head posture to try opening up the airway. This strains the spine and neck muscles, which can lead to neck pain and headaches, nerve compression and lower back pain.

3. "Text Neck" Interfering With Resting Jaw Position

"Text neck" is repetitive stress on the neck, head, and shoulders from constantly hunching over digital devices and cell phones. This posture strains the neck and chewing muscles, pulling the lower jaw down. Sitting at the computer for long periods with rounded shoulders and the neck and jaw extended has a similar impact.

In both cases, the jaw isn't in its proper resting position, taking the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and related structures out of alignment.

4. Forward Head Posture And TMD

Some studies suggest that people with temporomandibular disorders (TMD) commonly have forward head posture ( This position pulls the lower jaw toward the upper jaw, moving the TMJs out of position and, over time, causes TMJ pain. Now, whether head and neck posture causes TMD or aggravates it isn't conclusive yet.

Fixing Head Posture With Orthodontics

If poor jaw alignment is part of the equation, Fresh Orthodontics offer orthodontics that help.

For children and teens, rapid maxillary expansion with a palatal expander, braces, or Invisalign widens the upper jaw, expanding the nasal airway and reducing forward head posture. For adults, braces, clear aligners, or corrective jaw surgery are typical treatments, depending on each patient's unique case.

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