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DirtiCoinMinting, LLC (DCM) announces phase 1 of presale deposits into DirtiCoin, the world's first fully fungible, cryptocurrency backed by real estate. Phase 1 allows only USD deposits.
SHERIDAN, Wyo. - Jan. 3, 2023 - PRLog -- DirtiCoin is the world's first fully fungible cryptocurrency backed by real estate. As such, it is a commodity currency, something the world hasn't seen since governments around the world converted from the gold standard to fiat currency.

DirtiCoin protects depositors from the effects of inflation and volatility by investing 50% to 80% of all deposits into real estate. The value of DirtiCoin deposits increases with the increasing value of real estate. The value of assets supporting DID is updated each month on the Asset Ledger, viewable on the DirtiCoin webpage.

Through its DirtiCoin Regional Affiliate (DRA) network, DCM partners with real estate investors in markets across the USA to jointly acquire, develop, and operate residential and commercial real estate.

October 5, 2022 DCM successfully minted 15 million DirtiDollars (DiD) of DirtiCoin on the Ethereum Mainnet using the ERC20 protocol. The DirtiCoin blockchain contract was subsequently successfully audited by CoinScope (AKA CyberScope). DirtiCoin uses the cryptocurrency exchange symbol of DID. Each DirtiDollar is currently available for approximately $100 USD, putting the initial market cap of DirtiCoin at about $1.5 billion.

DCM currently accepts most major debit and credit cards, as well as wire transfers as deposits of US Dollars in exchange for DirtiDollars (DiD). One DiD is currently worth approximately $100 USD. Go to for more information or to initiate a deposit.

Phase 2 of the presale deposits is currently being developed to exchange DiD for ETH, DIA, USDC, and USDT.

When presale deposits reach between $10 million to $50 million USD mark, DCM will airdrop DirtiCoin directly into the crypto wallets of all approved depositors.

DirtiCoinMinitng, LLC

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