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Long established Thailand based global news and business website has fresh management and look ahead to become the biggest news media and branding agency in the region.
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New Ax Logo
New Ax Logo
BANGKOK - Feb. 17, 2023 - PRLog -- Pattayaone news is a news and business website that has been a favorite for many travelers to and from Thailand since 2012, and expats who live in the region and run businesses.

We spoke with Alexi Van Damme the new owner about what changes his team are making.

"We took over Pattayaone and Bangkokone from the previous owners who gave it up reluctantly due to poor health and we promised to make it great again. We also joined up with other digital creators, one with a directory with close to 8,000 members, travel and real estate websites and even our own Asian Entrepreneur magazine website where we interview business leaders across the region and have a photo studio in our new Bangkok office at GMM Grammy. We even have a shop where our client can sell products. We are spread over 7 business websites with over 500,000 social media followers and likes on all platforms giving us so much more engagement.

First thing we are doing and started way before Christmas; was up the activity of news reports from around the world as our audience is truly global, we are called Pattayaone, it's just a name of where the founder was based, but half of our traffic is from Europe and the Americas, so we need more International news and travelers news with useful content and blogs from leaders in the business arena.

For our clients we are promising over a million a month traffic by first quarter 2023 as it was before covid, and our content will be more for the global executive who travels through the area on business. We still have bars and clubs that Pattaya is noted for, it has just been categorized or easier browsing along with many other interesting categories, but our home page as you see will be more global and commercial.

Our unique selling Point for business who want to reach out to our combined audience we have on all our sites is the emotional angle. We believe that so much business content is boring and has become very foggy in a world with so little engagement. We strive to help business find the feeling behind what they sell and get our audience to get to the base emotions of our clients products or services, because emotions sell. You are more likely to stop scrolling when you see a cute puppy or animal in distress than you would '5 ways to improve SEO' headlines that we see every minute of every day."

Axmedia Thai co Ltd was established in 2022 and has taken over a few established media agencies to become one large media and advertising agency for any business nationally and globally that seeks to get more engagement for their brand by reaching out to over 500,000 online right now and a lot more in 2023


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