ProActive Commercial Lending Group Offers Private Money RV Park Loan Programs To Real Estate Investors

By: ProActive Commercial Lending Group, LLC
Proactive Commercial Lending Group, LLC.
Proactive Commercial Lending Group, LLC.
SAN ANTONIO - Nov. 22, 2022 - PRLog -- ProActive Commercial Lending Group, LLC, a private lending company, has recently offered private money loan programs to real estate investors looking to invest in RV (recreational vehicle) parks. The company takes advantage of its in-house programs and the benefits of long relationships with the nation's top private lenders to find easy-to-qualify, low-interest loans for borrowers. These loans can be used for funding various types of investment properties including RV parks.

ProActive's RV parks loans in Dallas offer more flexibility and demand fewer restrictions to qualify. This is because private lenders do have to adhere to the strict and rigid regulations of traditional banks and other lending institutions, enabling them to offer loans with far more lenient requirements to real estate investors looking for loans.

The biggest advantage of ProActive private loans is that they can be borrowed by real estate investors who do not qualify for traditional loans offered by banks because of property risk or poor credit scores. This allows investors to make purchases and take opportunities while the business ecosystem for RV parks is at an excellent position. An additional benefit is the fast loan processing policy of the company that allows investors to find capital right when they need them.

The private money loans range from 6 to 30 years providing different options of terms to borrowers. For RV parks Loans in Austin TX with a long term, ProActive gives a no prepayment penalty policy that allows borrowers to pay off their loan early without incurring any additional charge. Their cash-out program helps real estate buyers update their property fast and easily.

Currently RV parks are considered to be very high-yielding investments with the potential to generate huge returns of ROI. There are plenty of promising opportunities for real estate investors in RV parks, and ProActive offers the perfect tool to seize them.

Speaking about their loan programs, the company's founder Bruce Myles said, "Our Commercial and Investment Loans are designed around your needs and not the other way around. Private Money Loans have to be flexible to make them different from traditional banks. We are able to take advantage of our in house programs and all the benefits of long relationships with the country's top, private investors, and apply these aggressively to your investment project. We and our investors make a profit for taking the risk no one else will take, but our loans are safe for the borrower and the investors."

About ProActive Commercial Lending Group, LLC: ProActive Commercial Lending Group, LLC, is a private lending institution founded by Bruce Myles in 2003. It offers a wide range of low interest rate private money loans to small to medium businesses and investors.

ProActive Commercial Lending Group, LLC


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