Book "Kiss My Boots" From Author Jennifer Learmont Sears The Pages Of This Memoir

Aussie writer takes the reader on a wild ride through the drug and sex-fueled 1980s from Hollywood to NYC
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Kiss My Boots
Kiss My Boots
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Nov. 17, 2022 - PRLog -- Author Jennifer Learmont's AMAZON page says of her provocative and steamy memoir KISS MY BOOTS:  My Commitment to eating healthy was only equaled by my desire for cocaine. Setting out on an adventure to the USA with my best friend, we had no plans, no rules and no limits. It started in the wild 80's in Hollywood, LA and the spread across the '90's, fueled by drugs, sex, rock n roll. We met the people who later became famous actors, musicians, singers. I took some risks, made mistakes and lived through them; I was one of the lucky ones. For 14 years I worked as a Dominatrix in Hollywood. I was a natural and loved the work. My clients included a US General, Top Surgeons, Politicians, High Court Judges and VIPs. There is a grey side to my work, and no one really knows what goes on behind the dungeon doors.

Amazon's description continues: Now I was a dominatrix, yoga student singing in a gospel choir. Eventually, and exhausted, I returned to Australia permanently to set up my own yoga studio and started to build a new life away from a blurred past. I was a wild and fearless child with a kind compassionate heart and a determination to live my life to the full, regardless of any cost.

Says Author Jennifer Learmont of her book KISS MY BOOTS: "This is an autobiography of my life. It starts out with a bit about my dysfunctional childhood as a segue to how and why this story unfolded," she said. "It's a story about my best friend and I going on our dream holiday to the USA for three months and ending up staying for 20 years. We had no rules, no limits and we were basically a disaster waiting to happen.  It's sad, hilarious and a total contradiction, the perfect combination of comedy and tragedy.  I was thrown into crazy Hollywood in the 80s and 90s. It shows a lot of the dark and bright sides of Hollywood through a young beautiful fearless girl's eyes."

She goes on to say, "This is my first book. It started out as a journal, almost a legacy for my family to tell of what I did for twenty years in Hollywood. I had kept these things a secret for so long and felt like I had a story that needed to be told, that's what inspired me to write it. Now that I have written this book, I'm looking towards writing a second edition and getting more in depth into the people I remember.  I want the reader to understand me. It's a true woman's survival story.  There is lots of love in this book that I want them to feel. I want them to go on this adventure with me and live a life through my book and eyes that most will never live," she added.

About Author Jennifer Learmont
Jennifer was born in a little town called Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Australia, but grew up in Sydney, Australia.  She attended a variety of schools since her family moved here and there while she was growing up. Jennifer credits her mother, who was an opera singer, a concert pianist and very educated woman for her education.  "She was my teacher," remarks the author.  Jennifer Learmont maintains her home in Australia today.

Publisher: Shawline Publishing, March 15, 2022
Formats: Paperback, 170 pages, $7.42; E-Book/Kindle, 240 pages, $5.99; ISBN-978-1922594709 and ISBN-13-978-1922594709. Available for purchase at:
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