AesirX DMA releases 5 new marketing channels giving 100 Free delivered posts to 4 Social Media sites per day

JS Developers can now install AesirX DMA (Digital Marketing Automation) in 15 minutes and start customizing the Highly-Functional Open Source Freemium software that offers more free Social Media automation than any other platform and a total of 36 channels released in the month of October.
By: AesirX
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SINGAPORE - Sept. 30, 2022 - PRLog -- AesirX DMA 1.5.0 is available to download from Github and now comes with 5 new channels to support Free social media automation across 4 sites (100 delivered posts per day) as well as an extra CMS channel. A further 36 channels will be released this month.

AesirX DMA is one of 10 releases in 2 years by the AesirX team to provide Free Open Source Software that does not just have a multitude of free features but is resolving the problems of global data abuse by launching the world's first privacy-ensured solution series and providing 'as a Service' software that is legally compliant.

The flexible all-in-one Digital Marketing Automation tool connects social media channels, advertising channels, CMS, publishing platforms, email marketing, DXP, and e-commerce channels so that marketing individuals or teams save time and money with all marketing channels on a single dashboard.

AesirX DMA provides free social media automation, currently across 4 channels with up to 100 free delivered posts per day and unlimited profiles/ scheduling/ campaigns/ and projects. Also, within the next few weeks, 36 more channels will be added to the platform taking the total to 41.

Anyone can install this new DMA software in 15 minutes and start changing themes or customize the frontend to match their brand identity. JS developers can install the PWA and start customizing the frontend all they want.

Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen, the creator of AesirX, is a former board member at Open Source Matters, Inc. and contributor to many working groups for more than a decade. With his global team, they have led the initiative not just to reshape the world of digital marketing to be privacy-first based,  but also to democratize technology to the world. Their vision is to arm developers, agencies, and organizations with Free Open Source Software that is free and privacy-first so that everyone in the world can use it without worry.

About AesirX

Having developed successful digital solutions for over a decade, AesirX respects everyone's need for privacy by only ever utilizing 1st party actionable data that enhances the customer or staff experience.

Our privacy-first solution is designed to protect humankind from Big Tech's systematic abuse in marketing (Digital Twins, Soulbound Tokens, DID, and similar concepts of protocolization of humans included.) by combining AesirX + Concordium ID Layer to protect users' personal data; so it cannot be exploited. Now everyone has a choice to use technology that isn't based on abusive strategies and where ownership of data is 1st party.

You can download AesirX DMA from Github:

See our Roadmap for full channel releases:

Creator, Ronni K.Gothard Christiansen


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