Salt - How Much Is Too Much In Our Diets?

That seems to be the question on most peoples lips (and even taste buds) as this ever growing argument of whether salt is in fact a good, necessary condiment, or if it is simply something that should be avoided all together?
Aug. 18, 2022 - PRLog -- What Is Salt?

Salt is a mineral which is mainly formed of sodium chloride.  Sodium Chloride itself is a much larger chemical compound which belongs to a higher group of mixed salts.  Often used to enhance the flavour of our food and meals, salt has also been used for centuries as a preserving agent.

Why Is Salt Bad For Us?

You would be forgiven if you were sat wondering; 'how can this natural mineral be so bad for me and my health?!'  The truth is that salt is not all bad.  In fact our bodies do require salt to function.  The danger comes when we simply eat far to much salt and this then can spiral into a deadly pattern which can eventually cause a lot of damage to our bodies, body systems and organs.

A high salt intake has been associated with many health problems and conditions.  From the more commonly known issues such as causing a high blood pressure rate, to the less well known which is its links with stomach cancer.

How Much Salt Is Too Much Salt?

In the UK is recommended that an adult should have a intake of 6g per day.  It has recently come to light that the average adult has nearly a third more than this with the figure standing currently at 8.1g of salt per day and its not too hard to see why.

In our fast past lifestyles, eating on the go can sometimes be a must.  Unfortunately the food that is often 'fast food' is commonly laden with salt.  Not only do manufactures do this to gain additional flavour to the meals, but also it extends that products shelf life which is also a must in the game of food and drink.

How Will I Know I Am Consuming To Much Salt?

Common symptoms and signs that you are consuming far to much salt are;

High, Persistent Thirst.
The Need To Urinate Much For Frequently Than You Normally Do.
Areas Of Your Body Appear To Swell (Unusual Places).
Mild To Moderate Headaches.
Your Food Seems To Taste Bland And Boring To You.
You Have A High Desire To Eat Saltier Foods (Craving For Salt).

If you are looking/hoping to lower your salt intake for a much more healthier lifestyle choice, then check out; for a full range of salt free seasonings perfect for complimenting a low sodium/low salt diet!

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