Loxperts Inc. launches the first-ever on-demand freelancer marketplace dedicated to localization experts

Loxperts plans to become the one-stop marketplace for all global and local businesses to find the right localization partners and local growth specialists easily and help them connect with their target audiences in a better way.
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Loxperts - marketplace for localization experts
Loxperts - marketplace for localization experts
WILMINGTON, Del. - Aug. 15, 2022 - PRLog -- Loxperts Inc. launches the first-ever on-demand freelancer marketplace, dedicated to localization experts and local market growth specialists from around the world. Loxperts is aimed at solving the business challenge of finding the right localization specialists to help businesses to either expand to new markets seamlessly or amplify their local market presence.

The marketplace provides a diverse range of service packages from verified global specialists like translators, local copywriters, local market growth strategists, regional social media influencers, voice-over artists, and more. Businesses or individual users of the platform can easily search and compare service packages and providers based on their requirements like target markets, industry, type of service, budget, experience, etc., and book them in just a few clicks.

In today's world of hyper-personalization of customer experiences, localization is the key to success for businesses focused on growth. In a recent survey by CSA research, it was found that "76% of online shoppers prefer to buy products with information in their native language".

"Being a marketing agency owner, I had faced quite a few times the issue of finding the perfect localization partner to help our clients expand their products/services in new markets. But not just marketing consultants, but businesses at any stage of growth needs localization at every level, from understanding their target audience better to aligning their marketing strategies with the consumer trends and culture of a region to partnering with local influencers in promoting their products/services and more. There was till now, no single platform where we can find the localization services/providers quickly and easily, compare prices and options, and book their services without any hassle," commented Soumik Mukherjee, Co-Founder, and CEO, of Loxperts.

Loxperts claim to change that by creating a community of expert freelancers who act as regional market partners to businesses and not just translators or someone with knowledge about the regional language. The freelancers on the platform are vetted by the Loxperts team and have relevant experience in the target region with prior knowledge of the local culture, norms, and consumer behavior, most of which play a vital role in driving consumer behavior today.

The global freelance economy is on the rise, by 2023, it is expected to reach $455 billion. Currently, with more and more people preferring work-from-home jobs in the current scenario and many quitting their 9-to-5 jobs to get into freelancing as a career, this platform provides the freelancers an opportunity to showcase their expertise, niches and enhance their visibility in the global business environment as a market specialist.

"We aim to become the ultimate go-to platform for connecting global businesses with localization experts from around the world. We want to help businesses understand, communicate and reach out to their target audiences in a much better way," commented Sreya Debnath, Co-Founder, and CFO of Loxperts.


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