Pet Professional Guild Appoints New Feline Division Chairwoman

Feline Division member Laura Cassiday steps up as division chairwoman
Laura Cassiday And Her Cat Ripley
Laura Cassiday And Her Cat Ripley
INVERNESS, Fla. - Aug. 5, 2022 - PRLog -- The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) has appointed Maryland-based cat behavior consultant Laura Cassiday as chairwoman of its Feline Division with immediate effect. As chairwoman of the Feline Division, Laura also takes a seat on PPG's Steering Committee. She replaces Paula Garber, who served as chairwoman of the Feline Division from 2016 to 2022.

Laura is a certified cat behavior consultant (CCBC) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, an Animal Behavior College certified cat trainer and a Fear Free certified animal trainer. Prior to working as a cat behavior consultant, she worked as a professional copywriter and editor, holding a master's degree in professional writing from Towson University. In 2017, Laura began working at the Maryland SPCA, shifting her time between the intake department and the kennel. Before long, she became the shelter's cat behavior coordinator and launched a cat enrichment program, a protocol for working with fearful and shy cats, and a working-cat program to improve the lives of shelter cats and create more positive outcomes. She also served as team leader for Jackson Galaxy's Cat Pawsitive Pro program in 2020.

Laura earned her CCBC designation and launched her cat behavior consulting business, Pawsitive Vibes Cat Behavior and Training, in 2021, eventually leaving the shelter to pursue working with cats with behavior problems in private homes full time. She recently published her first book, The Complete Guide to Cat Adoption, and delivered an expert testimony with the House and the Senate for the Maryland Anti-Declaw Bill, which becomes law in the fall of 2022. She is also a professional member of the Cat Writers' Association.

"Laura has been such a valuable asset to PPG's Feline Division since she joined in December 2021," said Paula Garber. "Her knowledge, intelligence, and communication and leadership skills come through in everything she does. I have full confidence that not only is Laura extraordinarily qualified and capable of leading PPG's Feline Division, she will also take it to new heights."

Added Laura, "I'm very honored and excited to take over as PPG's Feline Division chairwoman. From day one, my primary goal as a feline behavior consultant has been to improve the lives of cats and their caregivers by spreading the word about positive reinforcement training. There is still a huge gap when it comes to providing the community with science-based, reputable resources when it comes to cat behavior and training. Working alongside the other highly knowledgeable and dedicated experts of the division, I hope we can help to fill in that gap a little bit more as I transition to my new role."

The other members of PPG's Feline Division are Beth Adelman, Evelia Atanacio, Dr. Lynn Bahr, Allison Hunter-Frederick, Tabitha Kucera, Carrie Schwartz, Mélissa Taylor and Joanna Wachowiak-Finlaison.


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