One company is disrupting Real Estate as a title company in Orlando

In just 4 years, this woman-owned and women-led title company has become a recognized brand beyond the real estate industry thanks to technology, branding, and inclusive strategies.
By: Unik Title
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Unik Title Team in Orlando, FL - title company
Unik Title Team in Orlando, FL - title company
ORLANDO, Fla. - June 29, 2022 - PRLog -- In the last few years the real estate industry has suffered a revolution. Real Estate agents are no longer mostly white men in ties selling homes through open houses. Throughout the last few years technology, women and millennials have been changing the face of what we usually thought of as a realtor.

Digital showings in 3D, a more relaxed dress code, social media as the main channel to promote the agent and personal branding taking over corporate logos are some of the 'new normal' for real estate agencies.

However, the real estate industry is a lot more than realtors and some other areas remained with a male majority, less diverse, and perceived as 'more serious' from the outside. An example of this is title companies. While realtors sold 'lifestyle', title companies were seen as boring and serious companies where they review legalities, and you have to go sign papers.

One company is changing this in Central Florida and making this change the key to their success. Unik Title turned 4 years this year with over a dozen employees that go from a 19-year-old person to people in their 60s and mixing young blood and creative ideas with real estate industry experts who have been in this industry for over 15 years.

Being one of the youngest companies in the market, this women-owned and women-led company has also become one of the most recognized brands in Orlando in a very short period of time thanks to the forward mindset of CEO and owner Lynette Quinones.

Lynette, a high-performance realtor in the past, decided to change the industry from the inside after getting tired of her interactions with many title companies. She wanted a new perspective, a new way of doing business, and something that felt unique or 'unik' as they say. This is how Unik Title was born.

'The secret behind our success has a lot to do with understanding the power of relationships, good marketing, and public relations and how we can nurture from collaboration and inclusiveness in this industry' said Lynette Quinones, CEO of Unik Title. 'I created a company that I would like myself to work for and a company that others would enjoy interacting with. All while keeping in mind the importance of what we do and the seriousness and compliance behind every transaction'.

As Unik turns 4 years with hundreds of closings achieved, the company prepares for what's to come pushing remote closings, technology, and possible expansion beyond Orlando.


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