America's Best Home Recipes' Ultimate Father's Day Brunch- Eggs and Salmon

Chef Indiana Mike's Monster Burger Wins for Memorial Day Episode of ABHR
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Chef Mick with Marielle Hadid at Kids Birthday BBQ
Chef Mick with Marielle Hadid at Kids Birthday BBQ
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - June 12, 2022 - PRLog -- What's up with Marielle Hadid? Really? The educational component to BBQ RESCUES! Foundation's competition was supposed to be about including something for Vegans at every holiday celebration. Or- Why vegetarian Cousin Abigale won't eat the Grilled Corn cooked on the meat covered grates? Why she won't just pick the Fatback out of the BBQ Beans to make them Vegetarian or eat Mayo based Coleslaw and Potato Salad. So May's press release featured famous Vegans Redfoo (from LMFAO) and recording artist Jasmine Alkouri in the lead photo.

Then something happened. As the Recipes were (thankfully) shared by small news outlets around the world, a significant number of papers chose to lead with the photo of talented Interior Designer Marielle Hadid. True- her famous supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi are presumably into veggies, but what does that have to do with Memorial Day? One of Chef Mick's favorite memories was doing a Kids' BBQ for Marielle. Her dad, famous Bel Air Realtor Mohammed Hadid, handed over his cellphone and asked the caterer to take a photo of him and grandson Colton cutting the Birthday cake. Instead, Chef Mick hit the Record Button and made it into a short video. Hope the family still has a copy to cherish as Father's Day approaches.

Still- What's Up with Marielle Hadid? The investigation continues. In other news, Chef Indiana Mike's Monster Burger barely edged out Chef LuvaMichelle's Pico De Gallo Burger and Chef Mary Extraordinary's Grilled Shrimp Coleslaw to win the Championship for America's Best Home Recipes Memorial Day. Chef Playmeite walked away with Best Side Dish honors for her Vegan Distraction Rainbow Pasta (Happy June Pride Month!).  She visited from San Diego on the holiday and won over a small party of omnivores with her vegan delight. Also, a picture of Chef Playmeite on the balcony of Chef Mick's Los Feliz home is becoming sort of iconic.

Fathers Day Eggs & Salmon (For 2)

1 Cup Fresh Salmon (Chopped in Large Chunks)
1 Cup Mixture Fresh Diced Onions and Bell Peppers
4 Tablespoons of Favorite Spice Blend (Or mix of dry Garlic, Dill, Oregano and Onion Powder)
4 Eggs (Beaten with Salt and Pepper to Taste)

Saute' Onions and Peppers in Olive Oil and/or Butter. Season Salmon chunks, add to pan and cook gently until light pink. Add Eggs slowly, incorporating with all other ingredients. Once fluffy, spoon Eggs and Salmon into buttered Mold (can be Large Coffee Cup or Small Bowl). Flip over on Plate and Garnish with Fresh Dill (optional). [Vegetarian Version- Substitute Mushroom or Eggplant]

Chef Mick plans to be at Original Farmers Market Los Angeles today (Sunday June 12) at Marcondas Meats around Noon. He will be doing Dad Photo-Ops and cooking 4th of July Samples with his favorite Father/Son Butcher team Lou and Tyler.

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America's BEST Home Recipes- Memorial Day Full Episode


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