Southern Charm Spices New "Sweet Potato Pie Spice" Is The Talk Of The Town!

I never thought about spices in this way before. Well, not until I experienced Southern Charm Spices "Sweet Potato Pie Spice". Now that I have, I've got a story to tell.
Sweet Potato Pie Spice by Southern Charm Spices
Sweet Potato Pie Spice by Southern Charm Spices
ATLANTA - June 8, 2022 - PRLog -- I live in a small area on the outskirts of Atlanta called Snellville, Georgia. Like many others, I have succumbed to the lure of social media and joined a neighborhood App called Nextdoor. This part is significant because had it not been for the app, I would've never happened across this post. I'm paraphrasing, but it went something like this, "Giving out free samples of Sweet Potato Pie Spice at a local Panera on Sunday."

I was intrigued and thoroughly invested in the spice sample, after I wrapped my mind around the concept. Then my common sense kicked in and I became confused. As an avid sweet potato pie consumer and the granddaughter of a Black grandmother, I realized that the similar or if not the same spices are used in both types of pies. Nevertheless, that day I learned that I was missing the point entirely.

On Sunday afternoon, the revelation ascended on me like an Eagle unto its prey. The creator of the spice, Yvette Kendall gave us all a window of time to meet with her at the designated location. I arrived in the parking and found something that I didn't expect. There were dozens of people from various ethnic backgrounds swarming around a vehicle as if an entertainer was spotted while buying a bagel. As I approached, I could hear phrases like "Oh my God this is great! I don't want a sample, I'll buy a whole bottle, and It smells just like a Pie!"

Pushing through the crowd, I saw who I assumed to be Ms. Kendall attending to her flock. I waited for the rush to die down and then, it was my turn. I introduced myself and decided to nab a bottle in lieu of the small sample as well. The real test was taking the bottle home and using it in different recipes of my choosing, and that's exactly what I did. Just so you know, a little goes a long way. For my taste-testing experience, I made coffee with sugar and heavy cream. It was important not to disrupt the spice with flavored creamers, syrups and what-not. I don't have an earthly description of what happened following this, but I'll try.

The spices went in, and a plume of steam rose from the cup. It began to perfume my entire kitchen and beyond. As each fleck of spice mingled into the coffee an irresistible aroma wafted through the air. Suddenly, I felt moisture on my face. Was I tearing up; maybe it was the steam, or my eyes sweating or sumthin' like that? Whatever it was, I just went with it. As I dabbed the tears from my eyes with my napkin, I placed my lips on the cup and took a sip. I slowly lowered it and closed my eyes for a moment. It was all very dramatic, lol! Memories of my grandmother flooded my mind. Unfortunately, she has since passed. So, I dialed my mom instead. I had to share my experience with someone who could understand.Â

I know what you're saying, "All this over some spices?" Believe me I would be asking the same question. Nevertheless, here I am blubbering over some freaking seasonings. I guess, a psychologist would probably say that the emotions I'm experiencing are just a byproduct of nostalgia, and that may be true. Somehow this simple product made me feel seen. At the same time, I felt that it honored my grandmother and our family's heritage without uttering a word. As I held the bottle, I stared at the flawless images of sweet potato pies on the face of the label. Then I turned it to the side, and that's when I saw it! A phrase that summed up everything that I was feeling in one little blurb. " It said, It's important to represent the culture that makes everything we love taste so good!"

*Drops Mic*

There it is, nothing left for me to say. Yvette Kendall came, spiced, and left the building. BRAVO!

Product: Southern Charm Spices "Sweet Potato Pie Spice"

Article Written by: Pam Johnson


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