Boston Industrial Solutions' silicone soft touch coating passes GLP - Skin Irritation test

Global leader of silicone inks and printing inks, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. silicone coating Natron STC 370HP passed the stringent GLP - Skin Irritation tests both for short and prolonged term use. This certification is in addition to the recent in-vitro biological reactivity testing USP Cytotoxicity certification.
Silicone Soft Touch Coating
Silicone Soft Touch Coating
WOBURN, Mass. - June 6, 2022 - PRLog -- Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., Natron STC 370HP low coefficient of friction silicone coating has received the GLP - Skin Irritation certification for short and prolonged term use.

The Natron STC 370HP and STC 370 are silky-smooth medical grade coatings that achieve an incredibly durable smooth surface finish to any silicone rubber device. These two coatings are far superior to the competitive options on the market today. The Natron™ STC 370 is formulated for non-medical applications while the STC 370HP is formulated for medical devices and skin contact applications.

The STC 370 HP silicone soft touch coating was evaluated for primary skin irritation test based on the requirement of ISO 10993-10, Biological evaluation of medical devices – part 10.  The samples were graded for erythema and edema at 1, 24, 48, and 72hours. The results were outstanding with a primary irritation index calculated to be 0.0.

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc., formulated this silicone coating for silicone rubber with sustainability, durability, and no harmful chemicals in mind.
Like all Natron™ silicone screen printing inks and pad printing inks, the STC 370HP coating has undergone rigorous testing to ensure perfect bonding onto silicone rubber substrates. The coating is permanent once applied to silicone rubber.

Features of the STC 370HP silicone coating include:
  • Zero coefficient of friction,
  • Durable silky-smooth finish,
  • Ideal for coating soft and hard silicone products,
  • Dirt and dust proofs coated silicone products, etc.
This low coefficient of friction silicone coating is a great addition for silicone molding manufacturers, prosthetics industry (orthopaedics), consumer electronic industry, aerospace, medical device manufacturers, and adult novelty industries.

To learn about the Natron STC 370HP Coating, visit:

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