Silverstreetz Creates Huge Wall Mural In Gardena, Ca

16-Year-Old Visual Artist Unveils Another Mind Melting, Color Saturated Wall.
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Silverstreetz Galactica
Silverstreetz Galactica
GARDENA, Calif. - April 6, 2022 - PRLog -- In today's post Covid reality Sterling Molldrem aka SilverStreetz has weathered virtual high school Zoom classes, isolation, doubt, lack of motivation, and every emotion in between.  Channeling that emotion and energy, Sterling has brought to life his latest mural located at 115 W. Victoria Street, Gardena, Ca. 90248.  Measuring 22' x 18' it captures the gods who come for a population remaining complacent and stagnant.  Constantly plagued by creative blocks and doubt, SilverStreetz struggled, like so many others, with the emotional aftermath wreaked by Covid.  This mural brings to life his struggle to stay actively creative, push through walls of doubt, and resist the lazy comfort of creating the same ideas and technique on loop.  This electrically colorful, hyperactive landscape is SilverStreetz reaffirming to himself there is no substitute for hard work and tireless dedication to one's craft.

SilverStreetz created this mural, for the first time, with no playlist or music.  Choosing instead to summon his own energy and states of conscious needed to achieve every detailed aspect.  "While music is an awesome expression of an artist's soul, I felt it was really only giving me dopamine hits and ego heavy bursts of energy.  The music was driving my choices and creating my energy.  This isn't how I want to create.  I'm the only one to generate my energy and drive my decisions.  If it takes music to do that, then it's not my soul in its purist form shaping my art," remarks the 16-year-old visual artist.

About SilverStreetz – Primarily self-taught since 2005, SilverStreetz is a visual artist currently attending Los Angeles County Highschool for the Arts (LACHSA).  He works with mediums ranging from oils, acrylics, spray paints, charcoal, and digital.  His works range in size from post-it notes to commercial building walls.

If you would like more information on SilverStreetz, please contact Chris Molldrem at (626) 644-0290 or email him at


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