BallerWhale Hype Grows as NFT set to Drop on OpenSea

BallerWhale is a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs that honors crypto whales of a variety of coins. Every two BallerWhales you own will mint a free BabyBallerWhale.
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BallerWhale NFT
BallerWhale NFT
MONTREAL - April 1, 2022 - PRLog -- Traffic to the BallerWhale website surges as interest grows for the April 4th NFT drop on the OpenSea marketplace.

Recent interest is building around acquiring the BallerWhale NFT which drops on Monday as it will be one of the most valuable NFT's in the BallerWhale series. The original BallerWhale NFT is the only one you must have to unlock and participate in all airdrops and free minting opportunities for upcoming BallerWhales. There will only be around 10,000 BallerWhales available. Once the BallerWhales are all sold anybody that wants to acquire one will have to purchase it from an existing owner in order to participate in an airdrop or mint a free upcoming BallerWhale.

A list of some of the upcoming BallerWhales includes: BallerWhaleHODL, BallerWhaleDOGE, the highly anticipated BallerWhaleMECHA, a mechanized version of the original BallerWhale that honours crypto whale techies and BabyBallerWhale.

BallerWhale NFTs will be listed on OpenSea at 0.035ETH on April 4. Additionally, those that purchase two BallerWhale NFTs will mint a free BabyBallerWhale via their novel smart contract. "It is more beneficial to buy two or more as you can benefit from minting a free BabyBallerWhale from our website before the collection drops on OpenSea later for 0.02ETH," said Jones.

BallerWhale is a collection of 10,000 hand drawn programmatically generated NFT's using hundreds of unique traits and accessories. It is stored on the polygon network and covers a variety of crypto whales of popular coins in limited supply, which adds to the NFT's rarity. The white BallerWhale is the most rare as it mimics the rarity of the elusive big white whale in the wild.

The Exclusive BallerWhale Club wouldn't be the same without our unique limited time mentorship program. It takes two BallerWhales to mentor a BabyBallerWhale, which can grow up to be crypto millionaires under your care. BallerWhale has brought this opportunity to its users by developing a novel smart contract, which counts the amount of BallerWhale's a person has in their OpenSea wallet and automatically provides access to mint the amount of free BabyBallerWhales they qualify for. The BabyBallerWhales will be minted using the Polygon network to keep the gas fees low.

To learn more about BallerWhale and purchase BallerWhale NFTs, visit


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