NCEG Is Tapping into The Talent Pool of College Campuses and Grooming the Next Superstars

National Collegiate Entertainers Group (NCEG) is seeking to prepare aspiring music entrepreneurs for the world of music through the equivalent of a self-sustainable workforce program to create the next NCAA of the music industry.
By: The Rising Star Group LLC
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Collegiate Entertainers Group, INC.
Collegiate Entertainers Group, INC.
ATLANTA - March 31, 2022 - PRLog -- With the aim of reaching to the collegiate market (aged 18 to 24), corporations spent a whopping sum of $1.54 billion in 2017 sponsoring live music events. On the other hand, colleges/universities spend almost a million dollars entertaining their student body annually. NCEG discovered an immense opportunity in these trends by making a model where these funds are utilized to sustain a student-centered workforce development program.

The NCEG program is a music entrepreneurship program that prepares students for immediate entry into Georgia's entertainment industry. They plan to achieve this by equipping the student body with required resources and guidance and an in-depth understanding of how the components of the music business come together. Through the creation of events and contests for the student body; the program participants will make efficient use of their college years by being involved with a network of reliable business partners, leverage on their environments to build a reputable body of work and increase their advantage as potential hires and aspiring employers.

NCEG seeks to help the students create real-life experiences based on their passions while balancing their academic responsibilities. The program will raise sufficient revenue to generate scholarship funds for aspiring music entrepreneurs by creating official representatives for each university. Beyond this, the NCEG have also launched a Music Innovation Camp which is an intensive 8-week program focused on introducing underrepresented youth to the future of the music industry. This camp is designed solely for high school juniors and seniors.

About the NCEG
The National Collegiate Entertainers Group (NCEG) is a student-led movement designed to fundamentally change how talent is discovered in the music industry. Pioneered in 2013, on the campus of Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA), the organization establishes a standardized and replicable system for cultivating music professionals. As a result, students are given the opportunity to collaborate, innovate and compare their results with their peers, from any college or university where an NCEG chapter is present. The NCEG was founded by the vibrant Derek "Pres" Jackson who came of age during Atlanta's peak period for music superstars, along with Co-Founders Xavier Jones and Arun Gopal. Derek discovered an opportunity in the lack of institutional support for the entrepreneurial side of the multibillion-dollar music industry. With the help of like-minded peers, NCEG was established to launch a new frontier for the industry. The core executive team consists of CEO, Derek Jackson, CMO, Dasha Ware, CTO, Aaron Neal, and CCO Arun Gopal.

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