Tesla Plasma Chamber Showcasing Med Bed Type Technology

The new Tesla Plasma Chamber is a piece of "med bed" technology that is using resonance light frequencies to energize, detoxify and remove cells from the body. "Plasma" type technology was originally talked about and used by Nikola Tesla and now there are many "med bed" plasma light technology products being sold and offered to the public and health and wellness centers.
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Tesla Plasma Med Bed Chamber Machine
Tesla Plasma Med Bed Chamber Machine
SAN DIEGO - March 29, 2022 - PRLog -- When it comes to "med beds" and med bed type technology there are a lot of definitions as to what that is and what that actually means. The range of answers can come up with "medical beds" used in hospitals or also space age science fiction type technology that one would only expect to see in futuristic type movies. The most talked about med bed technology however has to do with space age "pods" that are a flat bed with a clear covered dome over the top which can theoretically remove any disease or ailment within hours. This type of med bed is being discussed all over the Internet and whether it may be true is open for debate some of the new "med bed" style technology products are already here.

Once of the most talked about med bed technology products is a "Tesla Plasma Chamber", which is a generator that can emit thousands of frequency codes to address thousands of health conditions. Early pioneers of frequency based technology include Nikola Tesla but more important may have been Royal Rife who devoted his life to categorizing the various frequency codes of the cells in the body and creating prototypes used in the 1930's.

Rife understood that each cell in the body operated at a specific frequency and that the induction of pulse electromagnetic fields from light and sound vibration could have an effect on microorganisms. Since cells and organs in the body are electrical in nature their voltage is raised when exposed to pulse electromagnetic frequency and this they communicate better and thus the body is able to become more balanced and reach homeostasis. The matching of a resonance frequency with a specific pathogen can also lead to the immobilization or be killed off.

Studies on The Tesla Plasma "med bed" Chamber type of frequency device show that in additon targeting microorganisms it can also mitigate pain, harmonize the body, repair tissue, speed up recovery and boost the recovery of healing bones. The effects of PEMF that the Tesla Plasma Chamber on a cellular level have shown that is can help with promoting detoxification, enhance nerve repair, improve circulation and help ease depression and insomnia. It ultimately makes the immune system healthier, relaxes the nervous system and makes bones and joints healthier.

This type "PEMF" frequency technology has had thousands of studies with published  results and the Tesla Plasma Chamber is one of the newer products making it's way to the forefront of public view. The device includes a three hundred page book with thousands of frequency codes to run for a wide range of physical, mental and spiritual applications. The Tesla Plasma Chamber unit includes a frequency generator which provides specific frequencies. Those frequencies are amplified and paired with a radio frequency carrier referred to as a "carrier wave". Those frequencies are then melded with noble gas and emitted through a plasma on the carrier wave and thus producing an electromagnetic field which can fill up an entire room.

As the world continues to hear about the space age med beds and med bed technology there is more interest and information about the "med bed" type technology available now in the form of the Tesla Plasma Chamber and other pulse electromagnetic field technologies using light and sound wave frequencies to effect cells in the body.

Are med beds real and do they really exist? Although that subject may be up for speculation one thing is for sure and that a new type of technology products using light and sound frequency codes are making their way into public view and showcasing technology that has shown great promise.

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