KBC Tools & Machinery with King Industrial is truly All Metal…All The Time - Sale on till June 30, 2022

Plus, 6 must ask questions to ask yourself if you need new or additional manufacturing equipment.
King Metalworking Flyer
King Metalworking Flyer
MISSISSAUGA, Ontario & DELTA, British Columbia - March 30, 2022 - PRLog -- KBC Tools & Machinery, King Industrial's largest distributor of metalworking machinery in Canada, is pleased to present with King Industrial their 12 page flyer of discounts and deals on metalworking machinery.  Included are drill presses from 12" to 28" swing, air compressors, wet-dry vacuums, sandblast cabinets, recirculating parts washers, bench grinders, metal forming machines (slip rolls, 3 in 1's, box and pan brakes, shears, notchers), lathes from 7x12" up to 16x40", horizontal and vertical bandsaws from 5x6" to 10x18", generators, and combo machines (milling drilling machine, combo lathe and mill). KBC and King have all of the manual machines that you need to start a machine shop or repair facility from scratch, to replace a problematic piece of equipment that you already own, or to augment the capabilities of your existing facility.

Here are 6 questions to ask to determine if you need new or additional equipment:
  1. How much time have you spent over the past 3 months reworking, repairing, or down time while you wait for repair parts or a technician to come in to service the equipment? Are parts available?
  2. How many times in the past 3 months have you had to shop out machining as you did not have the machining capacity or capability?  How much did that cost you in time and money?
  3. Have you notice a bottleneck in your facility for a specific machine?  Two machinists waiting for one piece of equipment or for components from one machine?  Could new equipment stop the bottleneck?
  4. Have you turned down work within the past 3 months due to a lack of capacity or capability that a new machine would have facilitated?  How much has that cost you?
  5. Are you having to scrap or rework parts due to your machine no longer holding tight tolerances due to worn parts, years of heavy use, vibration, and lack of maintenance?
  6. Are you using expensive equipment and machinists to do work that could be done on a smaller, less expensive piece of equipment with less skilled personnel?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to start flipping through KBC and King's new Metal Shop Fever Flyer for your next machine.

The prices in the flyer are in effect until June 30, 2022 which is unbelievable considering the current market conditions of daily price increases due to supply chain delays and shortages of raw materials, components, shipping containers,  and inventory. So, take advantage of KBC and King's low prices, high quality, and current inventory of metalworking machines before June 30th, 2022.  Leasing options are available.

For over 40 years King Canada has been selling  the King Industrial line of metalworking machinery, specifically manufactured for industrial applications. King Industrial will keep on working and making chips and profits for you.  King Canada is committed to quality equipment supported by a huge inventory of over 40,000 component parts warehoused in Montreal along with over 400 service centers across Canada.  King Canada along with KBC Tools & Machinery have toll free phone numbers in order so that clients with technical issues have access to industry specialists.

KBC Tools & Machinery has been providing the metalworking industry with the best tools at the best prices since 1965: cutting tools, indexable tooling, fluids, work holding, abrasives, measuring & inspection equipment, toolroom accessories, hand tools, shop supplies, power & air tools, and machinery.  KBC is proud to be certified as a WBE company.  KBC is one of the leading metal cutting tool and machinery catalogue houses in North America with 3 locations in Canada: Mississauga, ON; Oldcastle, ON; and Delta, BC; and 4 in The U.S.A.– www.kbctools.com - All Metal…All The Time!

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