Jacksonville officer arrested for sending nude photos to minor also involved in black woman police brutality case

Jacksonville police officer Alejandro Carmona, charged with a child sex crime, is the same officer that parked in musician and filmmaker Brittany Chrishawn Williams' driveway resulting in her broken teeth in 2020.
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Brittany Chrishawn Williams May 13, 2020 arrest
Brittany Chrishawn Williams May 13, 2020 arrest
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - March 22, 2022 - PRLog -- Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer, Alejandro Carmona, has been arrested for online child solicitation. It has been verified that he is the same officer involved in the police brutality case that made headlines last year after police broke a black woman's teeth in May 2020.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office announced last Wednesday that 47-year-old Alejandro Carmona is charged with a child sex crime after sending nude images to an underage boy. A tip was sent to CCSO in February 2022 that Carmona met and befriended the victim at a gym in Clay County and began sending nude images from his smartphone over Snapchat.

"This all could have been avoided if the police in my case were held accountable for what they did to me." says musician and film producer Brittany Chrishawn.

In May 2020, JSO officer Alejandro Carmona randomly parked in Brittany Chrishawn Williams' driveway and refused to leave when she asked. Williams, the property owner, called 911 for help when officer Carmona began to surprisingly yell at her. Her call for help resulted in her teeth being broken by JSO police after they entered her home without a warrant and arrested her on battery charges that she was later found not guilty of.

"Officer Alejandro Carmona lied about me throwing a spoon at him, and I ended up being arrested and brutally attacked in my home...This officer was dishonest in my case; so no, I'm not surprised at all that he's been arrested and charged with a crime now." Williams said.

"...Her attorneys argued it was a "non-arrest" situation and Williams posed no danger or threat. They indicated neither Padgett or [Alejandro] Carmona were engaged in their official duties as officers...Carmona was trespassing on her private property. Meanwhile, Padgett unlawfully entered Williams' residence without a search warrant to make the arrest, and there were no exigent circumstances to justify the deputy's entry." Atlanta Black Star reported in April 2021.

JSO reports it has suspended officer Alejandro Carmona, and that the department is working to fire him.

Brittany Chrishawn Williams is currently working on filing her lawsuit against the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. "I've been praying for justice every day...I'm glad things are finally coming to the light, and I hope Carmona doesn't get away this time."


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